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  • Score Pad
  • Pencil
  • Woo Tokens
  • Boo Tokens
  • So Super Certain Tokens
  • Topic Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Predict the likes (Woos) and dislikes (Boos) of your fellow players to score points and win.

Of course, the real winning experience is getting to know your friends and family. Will it be Woo or Boo?


Decide how many rounds you would like to play. We recommend 4 rounds for 3-4 Players; 3 rounds for 5-7 Players; and 2 rounds for 8-10 Players. Choose a player to be the scorekeeper and give them the Score Pad and Pencil.

Give each player a set of tokens. Each player should have 3 Woo, 3 Boo, and 1 So Super Certain tokens. Place the deck of Topic cards within reach of all players.

Choose a player to be the first Topic Chooser. Perhaps the player with the longest thumbs? Or maybe the player with the best thumbs up?

Game Play

  1. The first Topic Chooser draws three cards and takes a moment to look at all the topics on the cards, front and back. The Topic Chooser must select 3 topics (one from each card) that they want to vote on.

  2. The Topic Chooser lays the 3 cards down such that the topics they have chosen are facing the other players, and uses their voting tokens to cover the other topic on each card. The voting tokens must be placed face down without letting other players see how you are voting. Use the Woo token for "like" and the Boo token for "dislike".

  3. All other players now try to guess how the Topic Chooser has voted by placing their Woo or Boo tokens face down beside the card. In addition, if a player is extra confident that they know how the Topic Chooser has voted, they can add their So Super Certain token.

Note: If you are not the current Topic Chooser, just remember to vote on how you think the Topic Chooser voted (and not on your own personal feelings about the topic).

Note: The Topic Chooser must answer truthfully. Do not Woo what you really Boo… and vice versa. However, you may bluff verbally about your Woo or Boo inclinations.


  1. Once all players have placed their tokens, the Topic Chooser flips their first token to reveal their answer for the first topic. They then flip the tokens for that topic placed by the other players.

  2. Each player to match the Topic Chooser earns one point. If a player guessed correctly and added the So Super Certain token, they earn two points (one for each token). If a player placed their So Super Certain token and they were wrong, they lose one point (but you don't lose a point for an incorrectly guessed Woo or Boo token).

  3. Proceed with scoring the next two topics.

  4. In order to ensure the Topic Chooser answers truthfully, the Topic Chooser scores one point for every player that correctly matches all three topics.

  5. Once scoring is complete, players retrieve their tokens and the role of Topic Chooser moves clockwise. A complete round occurs when every player has been the Topic Chooser once. We recommend 4 rounds for 3-4 Players; 3 rounds for 5-7 Players; and 2 rounds for 8-10 Players.

End of the Game

The player with the most points wins.

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