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  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Pencil
  • 1 Die
  • 1 Pad of Scratch Paper
  • 6 games pieces
  • 41 Cards
  • 1 Rules Sheet

Object of the Game

To be the LAST player, or team, left on the board.

Players are giving and writing words down that match either the BEGINNING sound (GREEN Cards) or ENDING sound (RED Cards) of the word on the card.

If unable, they write PASS on their pad and must move 1 space for each PASS written when time is up. If caught with the pencil when the WHEW! timer goes off, the player must roll the die and move that many spaces.

If the player had written down PASS more than 1 time, the player must move the GREATER amount - either the rolled number or the number of times PASS was written.

Also, the corresponding colored piece to the color space that was landed on is ALSO moved forward to that space. Example: If the Yellow player lands on a RED space, the Red player's piece is also moved up to that spot.

Note: This game is all about the front sounds or the back sounds of words. But, many words can be pronounced in different and acceptable ways. Dialects and accents play a BIG part of this.

Words like, "AFFLUENT" can be pronounced: "ah- flew-ent" or "uh-flew-ent". Or, the word "AUNT" can be pronounced: "ont" or "ahnt".

Our suggestions is: Don't be too picky - it's a game!


All players select a colored game piece and place it on the "Start" space on the board. If there are over 6 players, teams of two must be formed.

It won't be a "fair" game if there is an uneven number of players (the singles would have a slight advantage) but, it is a GAME. Have FUN! Each player gets a piece of paper.

One player is chosen to start the PLAY. This player is given the PENCIL, the device with the TIMER app, and the DIE.

Players decide if they will be playing a long game - space counting starts with the FIRST yellow space, or a short game - space counting starts with the yellow space labeled "SHORT START".

Game Play

  1. The first player, with pencil, timer app and die, draws a card.

    Note: Players may agree on selecting the card randomly, having a choice of red or green or always alternating between a red and green.

  2. The first player rolls the die, turns over the card, finds and reads the word with the corresponding number,

    STARTS the timer, writes a word down on his/her pad of paper that meets the criteria, THEN... passes the PENCIL quickly to the player to his/her left. (You might want to read this a few times)

  3. This player (the player NOW with the pencil) says a different word that fits/matches the card, writes it down, and quickly passes the pencil to the next player.

    Or, if unable to think of a word, writes "pass" down, then passes the pencil. (Must move 1 space for each PASS written).

  4. Play continues in this manner with each player saying and writing down a word that matches the card and then passing the pencil.

  5. If a player says a word that has already been written/said (verified by the lists the players have been keeping) another word MUST be said and written before the pencil is passed.

    Note : If a word has already been said/used and is on a player's paper, the player must announce it in some manner: "used!", "i've got it!", "nope!" etc.

  6. If NO ONE catches a repeat word BEFORE the timer goes off, nothing happens. *It has been known to happen that players repeat their OWN word(s)! So, listen carefully!

The Timer and the Moves

  1. Play immediately stops when the WHEW! timer goes off.

  2. The player that was "caught" with the pencil must roll the die and move. If it is unclear who got stuck with the pencil...the 2 players must roll the die - highest roller LOSES and must roll the die again and move.

  3. The colored piece that corresponds to the color that was landed on is ALSO moved forward to that space. (A piece never moves back!) Example: If the Yellow player lands on a RED space, the Red player's piece is ALSO moved UP to that spot.

  4. The last six spaces on the board are white. When a player lands on a white space he/she does NOT move any other piece to that space.

  5. Players must move 1 space for each PASS they wrote UNLESS they are caught with the pencil or if they are the colored piece that needs to move up with the loser of the round.

End of the Game

When a player rolls and moves into the "OUT" zone, they are the LOSER! All other players are the winners!

Players may choose to continue to play to find out which player will be the last player remaining on the board and be declared the ultimate winner!

Players in the OUT zone may continue to participate in the word play.

When a player that is in the "OUT" zone is "caught" by the timer, they roll the die and CHOOSE any ONE player to move ahead that number of spaces. No other player moves up to that space.

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