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  • 496 Guess Words on 248 Word Cards
  • 35 Challenge Cards
  • 5 Blank Cards
  • 2 Clue Boards
  • 2 Markers
  • Card Concealer Folder
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Figure out the Guess Word on the card in the fewest number of clues.

The Catch

Players will describe What Theirs Is Like with truthful, yet clever, answers. Don't be too specific, or you'll give the player in the Hot Seat an easy guess. For example, if the Guess Word is Hair, players might say:

  • Mine disappeared when I was 40.
  • Mine is always a mess.
  • Mine isn't real.
  • I spend a lot of time on mine.
  • Mine is easy to care for.
  • I find mine all over the house.
  • Mine looks the same as it did 10 years ago.
  • In high school, mine was wild.

Note: Descriptions should be creative and fun in order to make game play fun. Descriptions that are too literal or too vague will not be fun. Examples of undesirable clues for the Guess Word Hair might be:

  • Mine is blonde. This is way too literal and easy to guess. A better clue might be: Mine is the same color as my mother's.

  • Mine falls out in my brush. This is way too literal and easy to guess. A better clue might be: I some- times lose mine in the bathroom.

  • I like mine. This is too vague-there are so many things you could like. A better clue might be: I like that mine is soft and smooth.

  • Mine is pretty. This is too vague-anything could be pretty. A better clue might be: My husband told me mine was pretty yesterday.


Decide if you will be playing with both sides of the Word Cards or just the orange side. Guess Words on the orange side could relate to almost anyone, while Guess Words on the purple side are things that kids might not have, like a mother-in-law. So if kids are playing, use only the orange side. If the players are all adults, use both the orange and purple sides.

Blank Cards are included. Set them aside, and when you think of a great Guess Word that we didn't include, add it to your game. Keep the Card Box, Clue Boards and Markers nearby. • You'll need a damp tissue to wipe off the Clue Boards.

Get pencil and paper, and pick one player to keep score. Determine the number of rounds. We recommend three rounds, but you might want to play fewer rounds if more people are playing to keep the length of the game manageable.

The player who decided to play What's Yours Like? is the first player in the Hot Seat.

Game Play

The person to the left of the player in the Hot Seat picks a card from the box, looks at the Guess Word, puts the card in the Concealer Folder and then passes it clockwise to all other players, except the one in the Hot Seat. This happens before any clues are given.

The player in the Hot Seat then asks the person to his or her left: "What'sYours Like?" The player answers with a word or phrase that describes what theirs is like. The clue must be truthful but also should be clever, to challenge the player in the Hot Seat.

he clue should not be too easy, nor too difficult. For example, if the Guess Word is Car, the player in the Hot Seat would say to Bill, the player on his or her left, "Bill, what's yours like?" Bill might say, "Mine is really old" OR "Mine seldom leaves town" OR "Mine needs to be washed".

Those are all good clues-creative, truthful and not too obvious or literal. However, if Bill answered, "Mine leaks oil in the driveway", that would be too literal and easy to guess. If Bill answered, "Mine is red", that would be too vague, boring and not a good clue-ANYTHING could be red!

Each player is allowed to give one clue during his or her turn. Remember not to give your clue until the player in the Hot Seat asks, "What's Yours Like?"

The player in the Hot Seat writes the clue on the Clue Board and may choose to guess or request a clue from the next player in clockwise rotation by asking, "_____, what's yours like?" One guess is allowed per clue and within a time frame determined by the group.

Play continues until the player in the Hot Seat guesses the word.

If all players have had a turn giving clues, start again with the player to the left of the player in the Hot Seat. Players must give a different response each time they are asked, "What's Yours Like?"

Each player might give two or three clues before the correct word is guessed. If the Hot Seat player is still really puzzled after several clues, you might want to give the player a break and make the clues simpler.

When the player in the Hot Seat gets the word right, count the number of clues written on the board and that is the player's score for that round. Play continues clockwise with players taking turns in the Hot Seat. The first round ends after each person has been in the Hot Seat.

Challenge Cards

When a Challenge Card is picked, the player in the Hot Seat can challenge one of the other players, and whoever wins the Challenge subtracts two points from his or her score.

Here's how a Challenge works:

  • If Player 2, who is in the Hot Seat and has 11 total points across multiple rounds, receives a Challenge Card and chooses to challenge Player 4, who has nine points, those two players are in the Hot Seat.

  • The remaining players look at the next Word Card and give clues to both players in the Hot Seat, who each have a Clue Board.

  • The first player to guess the word correctly wins the Challenge and can subtract two points from his or her total. For example, Player 2's total score would decrease to nine with a successful Challenge.

  • After the Challenge, play resumes where it left off with Player 2 being in the Hot Seat. If another Challenge Card is picked, it is discarded becausea player cannot have back-to-back Challenges.The player keeps picking until he or she gets a Word Card.

End of the Game

If you have the lowest point total after the predetermined number of rounds, you win! If the game ends in a tie, use a Challenge to determine the winner.


  • Players should be creative with their clues, so they don't give away the Guess Word right away. So, if Car is the Guess Word, you wouldn't want to say, "Mine is a gas hog", because that would give it away.

    But if you are too vague with one-word answers, like "Mine is blue" or "Mine is new", it would be too hard for the player in the Hot Seat to link all the clues together and get the answer.

  • Some of the words might not apply directly to you, and that's when you really have to get creative. For example, if the word is Pet and you don't have one, you could refer to a pet you used to have and say, "Mine was too loud". You could even refer to someone else's pet: "My neighbor's likes to visit".

  • Some cards ask you to describe "Your Favorite...", such as "Your Favorite Teacher". If you're not currently in school, you could describe one from your past-just be sure to use the past tense.

  • If you choose a card that may not apply to most players, or you just really don't like it, feel free to choose another.

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