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Rating: 9.9 Outstanding
Players: 3-8 players
Playing time: 60-4 minutes

Official Site: What The Film?! Website

Created by: Alex Mackey, Mike Szalajko

Published by: Lethal Chicken Games, LLC


Actor. Plot. Set. Combine one of each to make a movie. Did someone have a better idea than you? Don't worry, you can stab them in the back and take all their points if you "know people" in the Industry. After all, it's showbiz.

What The Film?! is a fun party game where you get to come up with crazy movie ideas based on the hand you're dealt.

On a player's turn from their hand, a player lays down an actor, set, and plot card. With 300 cards the mashups are endless. Not only are you competing with your friends, you are also fighting the clock. After cards have been played, you have exactly 36 seconds to pitch your movie magic to the table.

Voting is done simultaneously, so you don't have the time to persuade anyone at the table, no one like beggars in the film industry! On the count of three, everyone hands their colored award token to who they thought had the best movie.

The player with the most points keeps their cards as points, everyone else discards the cards they played.

We know not everyone is a director at heart, for that reason we added Industry Cards. There are two types of Play Immediately's and Play and Discard and contain good and bad things that can occur on your turn or someone else's.

For instance, one card can have you stealing the rounds points or another, causing you to pay union dues, which cause you to lose cards.

After six rounds, the person with the most points is declared the winner, and just like that, you're ready to receive your director of the year award!

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