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2 Player Variant

For the 2 player version of the game, players will use the Man in Black deck, which is comprised of 10 action cards and 1 rules/setup card.

Game play remains the same, with players fighting to obtain the most LP. However, the Man in Black is also trying to win the game!

Detailed rules for the Man in Black can be found on the Man in Black rules/setup card.

Goal Card Variant

Goal cards provide players with additional challenges and rewards in the form of legendary tokens. When playing with this variant, add the following steps to set up:

  1. Use the goal side of each player mat which has a space for legendary tokens

  2. Each player takes the 4 goals corresponding to their character card. They discard 1 random goal card, returning it to the box without looking at it. This goal will not be used in this game. Keep all other goal cards face down from the other players.

  3. Place all legendary tokens face down within reach of all players.

Completing a Goal

After a player meets the requirements for a goal card, they may complete it by revealing the goal card and announcing the condition.

The player then takes an amount of legendary tokens from the supply equal to the number of goals they have completed. They then return and shuffle any legendary tokens in excess of the goals they have completed face down to the supply.

Completing a goal card does not require an action. Players may complete more than one goal card on their turn.

The 18 face down legendary tokens contain:

  • 9 worth 2LP
  • 6 worth 1LP
  • 3 worth 3LP

At the end of the game, players will earn additional LP for the legendary tokens they have gained. There is no penalty for uncompleted goals at the end of the game.

Players can complete a maximum of 3 goals when using this variant.

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