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Setup: Players place printed playing-cards on the board to trigger various events, ranging from dice teleportation to exploding dice!

Magic Gates

Place two "Magic Gates" on the board. If a die lands on one of these gates, that die is automatically teleported to the matching magic-gate.

Land Mines

Roll a single die and place the resulting number of land mines on the board. Land Mines can function in one of three ways (decide beforehand what type is being used):

  1. Pressure Mine: If a die lands on a pressure mine, the mine "explodes". Remove both the mine, and the die that landed on the mine, from the board.

  2. Trip Mine: If at any point a die rolls across a trip mine, the mine "explodes". Remove both the trip mine and triggering die from the board.

  3. Proximity Mine: If a die lands on a proximity mine, the mine "explodes". Remove the proximity mine and all dice currently on the same level as the mine from the board.


Place 1 or 2 breeding cards on the board. Breeding cards can function in two seperate ways:

  1. Dice Breed: If a die lands on a breeding card, a player can choose to place one of their remaining (un-flicked) dice next to the triggering dice (so both dice have the same value).

  2. Mulitplier: For every die on the multiplier card, multiply that die's value by the number of total dice on the card.

    (If there is one blue die that shows 4, and one red die that shows 3, the blue die is now worth 8 points, and the red die is now worth 6).

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