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Rating: 6.3 Fair
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 30-143 minutes

Official Site:

Created by: Danny Devine, Danny Devine, Jeff Oglesby

Published by: Fever Games, Aurora, Mandoo Games


A Note on Topiary Art

TOPIARY [noun]: The practice of training, cutting, and trimming ornamental shrubs and trees into artistic forms like geometric shapes (cubes, pyramids, cylinders, cones, spheres) or reproductions of people, animals, or everyday objects

Born in the days of ancient Rome, topiary reached its highest point during the Flavian dynasty. The term topiarus was used for gardeners or those who tended landscapes. It was Cicero who defined the green sculptures as opus topiarii.

The species best adapted for topiary sculptures are bay laurel, cypress, European box, holm oak, Japanese euonymus, privet, and yew.

In Topiary, players try to position their visitors on the outer edge of a beautiful topiary garden in order to give them the best view possible.

Visitors can see the closest topiary sculpture to them and any behind that, in the same sight line, that are larger. You can score bonus points for visitors who see multiple topiary sculptures of the same type.

Players slowly fill in the garden by adding tiles until everyone has placed all their visitors.

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Gioco dell’Anno Nominee 2017

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