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Rating: 7.3 Good
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 30-60 minutes

Official Site: Official page by Ravensburger

Created by: Reiner Knizia, Franz Vohwinkel

Published by: Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH, Lavka Games

Alternate Names: La Course vers El Dorado, Wettlauf nach El Dorado


In The Quest for El Dorado, players take the roles of expedition leaders who have embarked on a search for the legendary land of gold in the dense jungles of South America.

Each player assembles and equips their own team, hiring various helpers from the scout to the scientist to the aborigine.

All of them have one goal in mind: Reaching the golden border first and winning all of the riches for themselves.

Whoever chooses the best tactics will be rewarded!

Retail Price:$27
The Quest for El Dorado: Heroes & Hexes
The Quest for El Dorado: Promo Pack
Spiel des Jahres Nominee 2017
Meeples' Choice Nominee 2017
Golden Geek Best Family Board Game Nominee 2017

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  • 7 Terrain Tiles
  • 2 Terrain Strips
  • 1 Ending Tile
  • 6 Blockades
  • 8 Playing Pieces
  • 4 Expedition Boards
  • 1 Starting Player Hat
  • 1 Market Board
  • 86 Expedition Cards
  • 36 Cave Tokens
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Deep in the dense jungles of South America lies El Dorado, the city of gold. Unlimited treasure waits in this lost kingdom - gold, jewels, and precious artifacts. You are a group of daring adventurers who embark on a search for the lost city.

Slip into the role of brave expedition leaders and guide your team to El Dorado. Assemble a team of experts for your expedition, acquire valuable equipment, and plan your journey wisely. Whoever crosses the border into the golden city first wins the game and claims all the treasure. …

Expedition Cards

Green cards help you clear a path through the jungle.

Blue cards give you paddles to move across rivers.

Yellow cards give you coins to travel through villages or hire new team members.

White jokers allow you to choose one of the three symbols whenever you play them: machete, paddle, or coin.

Action Cards

Purple action cards can be played at any time during your turn, either while moving or while buying. Follow the card's instructions and then continue playing. Don't forget to remove cards with the symbol from the game after using them! …

Once you have proven your exploration prowess by playing a few games, try the caves variant.

Object of the Game

Your goal is still to be the first expedition to reach El Dorado, but additionally you have the option to explore caves on the way. Within those caves you find tokens that give you an additional advantage.


During setup, shuffle all 36 cave tokens. Create face-down piles of 4 tokens each, and place one pile on every mountain space that shows a cave. …

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