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  • First play: remove all specialists and use only 6 gods: Xango, Tsui-Goab, Elegua, Gu, Engai, Obatala.

  • Do not bid too much on turn order at the start of the game; and do not bid too little towards the end.

  • Place secondary craftsmen to increase the cost of raising monuments and stop players who are advancing to fast.

  • Do not forget to erect new monuments; it is hard to win if you build too few monuments.

  • Near the endgame, consider diamond cutters; victory points are forever.

  • Every god has his strengths, but each can be countered by other gods or combinations of play.

  • It is hard to win on your own - use infrastructure built by other players to your advantage.

  • Cattle makes the world go round: figure out early how you are going to pay for raising your monuments.

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