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Rating: 6.6 Good
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-2 players
Playing time: 30 minutes

Official Site: Fox in the Forest - Renegade Game Studios

Created by: Joshua Buergel, Jennifer L. Meyer, Keith Pishnery

Published by: Foxtrot Games, Gen-X Games, Lavka Games

Alternate Names: Le Renard des Bois, El Zorro en el Bosque, 숲속의 여우


The Fox in the Forest is a trick-taking game for two players. Aside from the normal ranked- and suited-cards used to win tricks, fairy characters such as the Fox and the Witch have special abilities that let you change the trump suit, lead even after you lose a trick, and more.

You score points by winning more tricks than your opponent, but don't get greedy! Win too many tricks, and you will fall like the villain in so many fairy tales...

Retail Price:$24
Origins Awards Best Card Game Nominee 2018
Golden Geek Best Card Game Nominee 2017
Golden Geek Best 2-Player Board Game Nominee 2017

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The Fox in the Forest is a trick-taking game for two players, each playing cards to win tricks against the other over multiple rounds.

Players score points during a round by winning tricks containing specific cards and at the end of a round based on the number of total tricks they won. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.


  • 33 Game Cards
    • 11 Bells
    • 11 Keys
    • 11 Moons
  • 17 Scoring Tokens
  • 2 player Reference

Deep In The Woods Lived A Witch Well Known For Her Potions. Desperate Travelers Would Brave The Depths Of The Dark Forest In Order To Consult With Her. …

The Fox in the Forest: Duet is a trick-taking game for two teammates. Each round, you can collect gem tokens by moving along the forest path. Work together to collect all the gem tokens, without running out of time or getting lost in the forest!


  • 30 Game Cards
  • Forest Board
  • 22 Gem Tokens
  • 4 Forest Tokens
  • Team Tracker
  • Instructions

As they walked through the forest, whenever they peeked under the leaves of the ferns or beneath the shelf of a mushroom, they would find bright red gems. …

Q: When Do The Abilities On The 3 (fox) And 5 (woodcutter) Occur?

Each of these two abilities takes place immediately when the card is played, before another card is played or the winner of the trick is determined. (NOTE: If the person playing a 3 changes the decree card, the trump suit may also change. The new trump suit is used to determine the winner of the current trick).

Q: If My Opponent Leads A 9 (witch), Do Ihave To Follow The 9's Suit Or The Trump Suit?

You must follow the 9's suit if you can. A non-trump 9 is not treated as if it were in the trump suit until after both cards in the trick have been played following the normal rules. …

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