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The Mamas & the Papas

Panda mating season runs from March to May and whilst in captivity the food is always within each reach. The male panda gets used to doing the least amount of effort, and as such it affects his interest in doing much of anything...

Fortunately, during this period of time, the female panda loses her appetite and develops her vocal calls in order to capture the male's heart. Generally, pandas have only a single offspring once every 1,5 to 2 years. however there are always exceptions. Taking care of one baby is hard enough. just imagine 9!

Expansion Rules

The "Takenoko Chibis" expansion for "Takenoko" introduces 3 new game elements:

New Plot tiles,

New Objective cards,

One new figurine, Miss Panda, and her Panda Babies.

Elements of the Game

1 Miss Panda figurine

9 Panda Babies tokens (3 green, 3 yellow and 3 pink)

18 Objective cards (6 Plots, 6 Bamboo, 6 Pandas)

17 additional Bamboo sections

6 Plots (with the symbol )


Shuffle the 6 new Plots with the ones from your Takenoko base game.

Shuffle the new Objective cards with the ones in your Takenoko base game as categorized by the color on the back of the cards.

Put the Panda Babies tokens and the Miss Panda figurine near the players.

Miss Panda

Miss Panda is the newcomer to the imperial bamboo plantation! She is represented by an easily recognizable figurine.

Bringing Miss Panda into play

Unlike the Panda and the Gardener, Miss Panda is not in play at the beginning of the game.

She appears when a player places one of the new Plots (with the symbol) into play. The Miss Panda is then immediately placed on this Plot.


Miss Panda moves from one Plot to another when a new Plot with the symbol is added to the bamboo plantation. Otherwise, Miss Panda moves the same way as the Panda:

  • With the Move action, the Panda can only move in straight lines and at least one plot; or

  • When the Weather die indicates the X symbol Miss Panda moves to any plot on the plantation.

Note: The player who performs the movement HAS TO CHOOSE between the Panda or Miss Panda.


When Miss Panda ends her movement on a plot, she doesn't eat any bamboo. However she can bring a Panda Baby into the world:

If, after her movement, Miss Panda is on the same plot as the Panda, the player who made the move with Miss Panda can return a bamboo section of any color to the reserve in order to gain a Panda Baby token of the corresponding color.

This only works if the meeting takes place after a movement of Miss Panda, not the Panda.

Panda Babies

There are 9 "Panda Babies" tokens; three in each color ( green, yellow and pink). On the back of each "Panda Babies" token there is one of these three bonuses:

Irrigation: The player can immediately take one irrigation channel from the reserve.

Improvement: The player can immediately take one improvement of their choice from the reserve.

Objective changing: The player can immediately put back one Objective card from their hand under the respective deck and replace it with the first Objective card from the deck of their choice.

When a player gains a "Panda Babies" token of one color, they will choose it from the reserve and immediately apply the corresponding bonus.

Clarifications Regarding the Panda Babies:

  • Each bonus is available only once per color.
  • There are 3 Panda Babies tokens of each color. Once the last Panda Baby token of a color is taken, players cannot make a Baby of that color for the rest of the game.
  • A player earns 2 Victory Points at the end of the game for each Panda Babies token in their posession.

New Objectives


To complete these objectives, the central plot MUST be one of the 6 tiles with the symbol and the 2 adjacent plots MUST be of the color represented. All the plots have to be irrigated.

To complete these objectives, there must be the number of irrigated plots at least equal to that indicated within the bamboo plantation.


To complete these objectives, at least one bamboo of 2 sections, one of 3 sections, and one of 4 sections of the indicated color MUST be present in the bamboo plantation.

To complete these objectives, there must be at least the indicated number of bamboo of at least two sections present in the bamboo plantation.


To complete these objectives, players must have in their "eaten bamboo reserve", the bamboo sections indicated and then return them to the reserve when the Panda is on the Pond tile (this can be either the plot from the base game or the one included in this expansion).

If the Panda is on a Pond tile at the beginning of a player's turn, they can complete these objectives, this player doesn't have to move the Panda on a Pond tile on their turn.

New Plots

All the new plots are subject to the the same placement rules as those of the base game: They have to be placed next to the initial Pond tile or next to at least two other plots. All of the new plots have the symbol.

Kamis Garden

The three bamboo colors can grow on this plot. The moment that this plot becomes irrigated, one section of the each bamboo color is added.

If the Gardener is moved to this plot, the 3 bamboo color grow, as well as a bamboo section is added to all of the immediately adjacent irrigated plots.


  • If the Gardener is moved onto a plot next to the Kamis Garden, the bamboo of the corresponding color grows on the Kamis Garden.
  • If the Panda is moved onto the Kamis Garden, the player chooses only one section of bamboo to eat of the color of their choice among those available.
  • If the Weather die is indicating Rain | ] and a player wants to apply it to the Kamis Garden, only one section of bamboo of the players choice of color is added.
  • This plot counts for the three colors in the Plot Objective cards.
  • It is possible to put an Improvement chip on the Kamis Garden. The effect applies to all three bamboos.

Sacred Hills

(1 Green, 1 Yellow and 1 Pink)

When the Gardener stops on the Sacred Hill plot, one bamboo section grows on all of the irrigated plots of the same color, and not only the adjacent ones.


It is possible to place an Improvement chip on the Sacred Hills plot in accordance with the base game rules.

Celestial Pond

This plot has the same properties as the central Pond in the base game:

  • All the adjacent plots are automatically irrigated.
  • It is possible to start irrigation networks from this plot.
  • The different figurines can move over it and also finish their movement on it.
  • Bamboo cannot grow on it.

Gardener's Cabin

When the Gardener stops on this plot, the player can immediately draw the first card from each Objective deck.

The player will select one card which will be kept in their hand. The two others are returned to the bottom of their respective decks.


  • This plot has no associated color.
  • Bamboo cannot grow on it.
  • The different figurines can move over it and also finish their movement on it.


Note: The following variants can be played with or without this expansion.


The Panda cannot eat the bamboo's first shoots, only the upper sections.


At the end of the game, each set of different Objectives categories (Plots / Gardener / Panda) earns 3 additional points.

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