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Rating: 4.8 Moderate
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-6 players
Playing time: 30-80 minutes

Created by: Garrett J. Donner, Wendy L. Harris, Michael S. Steer

Published by: Fundex, Ideal


Swipe is a specialty dice-rolling game. Each of the game's ten dice are marked with five different symbols - a red circle, a blue square, a red circle with an inscribed "S" (for Swipe), a blue square with an inscribed "S" and a black square with an inscribed "X". There are two red circles on each die.

Players (from 2-6) begin with two dice, and two red chips. Remaining dice and chips (of which there are a total of 50) are placed in the center of playing space. Youngest player rolls dice and acts according to symbols, as follows:

  • Blue Square - take a die from center.
  • Blue Square with inscribed "S" - take (Swipe) a die from any opposing player.
  • Red circle - take a chip from center.
  • Red circle with inscribed "S" - take a chip from any opposing player.
  • Black square with inscribed "X" - lose a die to center

A special rule is the Super Swipe, where all dice rolled end up as a Black X. In this case, the player gets to take a die from all opposing players and then takes another turn.

Winner is the player with most red chips when center pile of chips is completely depleted.

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