Rating: 6.6 Good
Players: 2-5 players
Playing time: 20-58 minutes

Official Site: Renegade Game Studios official Sundae Split Page

Created by: Nate Bivins, Rehana Khan, Keith Pishnery

Published by: Foxtrot Games, Renegade Game Studios, White Goblin Games


In Sundae Split, players try to build the best ice cream sundae from the ingredients at hand. Get just the right mix of toppings and flavors, but avoid the vegetables!

At the end, each sundae is scored and the player who made the best sundae wins the game.

In more detail, one player splits ingredients into piles, and the other players take turns choosing one.

As the splitter, you get the last pile. You have to be clever and a little sneaky to get the ingredients you want. Collect the best mix of toppings and flavors to make the most valuable ice cream sundae and win the game!

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