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  • 30 Rhino part cards
  • 27 Hippo part cards
  • 3 Elephant part cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to earn the most points by collecting animals made of three parts.


Have a pencil and paper handy for scoring.

Before playing, take some time getting familiar with the cards. Each animal is made of three parts and although the rhino and hippo look alike, be sure to "spot" the subtle differences between them.

Choose a player to be the dealer for the first round. Every player takes a turn being the dealer and the game ends once all have had a chance to deal. (In a two-player game, each person deals twice). The dealer shuffles the deck of cards.

Game Play

If you are the dealer, hold the deck of cards in one hand and start the game by saying, "Ready...Set...Stampede!" Then, deal the cards as fast as you can, one at a time face up all over the playing area. Make sure that the cards don't overlap.

If you're not the dealer, you're a "wrangler".

As soon as the dealer starts putting down cards, all wranglers, without taking turns, race to collect as many complete animals made up of three sections- head, middle and tail- before the dealer says "Stop!"

Rules for Wranglers

  • Use one hand to scoop up cards and the other hand to hold the cards you've scooped up, or put one hand behind your back and use the other hand to scoop up cards and stack them neatly in a pile in front of you. NO using two hands!

  • You must collect all three parts of one animal before starting to collect another. In other words, don't mix hippo and rhino parts or else you will be penalized. (See scoring).

  • You may only scoop up one card at a time.

  • You may NOT change the order of cards once they're in your hand (or stack).

  • You may NOT put a card back once you've scooped it up

Important note: The cards must be in order in your hand by animal, but you don't necessarily have to pick up each animal in order from head to tail.

For example:

Ending a Round and Scoring

When the dealer has dealt the last card to the playing area, he says, "Stop!" and all wranglers must immediately stop collecting cards. The dealer gathers any leftover cards and sets them off to the side.

Starting from the bottom of the piles, each wrangler lays out and counts the animals they've collected, displaying them card by card in the order they were collected. Points are scored as follows:

  • 3 points for every complete rhino or hippo

  • -1 point for every card that's part of an incomplete animal

  • 6 points for the complete pink elephant

  • -3 points for every incomplete pink elephant card

Score 3 points for every complete animal.

Subtract 1 point per card for every incorrect or incomplete animal part.

(-3 points showing)

Remember, the cards must be in order in your hand by animal, but the three parts that make up the animal don't necessarily have to be in order.

Write down each wrangler's score on a piece of paper. The player to the dealer's left gathers and shuffles all the cards and becomes the dealer for the next round.

End of the Game

When everyone has had a chance to deal, all players add up their totals for the rounds. Whoever has the most points wins.

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