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Roll the dice and find the matching meemeec on the game board.

Meemeecs can be very, very different from each other; they may be blue or green, happy or sad, wearing socks, or a hat, or even a bow tie.

Then strike a pose like the meemeec. If you were faster than the other players then take a token.


  • Two-sided game board.
  • 3 dice
  • 30 tokens with faces
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The first player to collect 5 tokens wins!


Place the game board such that every player can clearly see all the meemeecs. Use the easy side of the board for your first game - the meemeecs there are bigger and easier to find.

You will be using the die with the colored sides and the die with faces 1. Leave the die showing accessories in the box for now, you won't need it during your first game.

Place the meemeec tokens 3 near the game board 2.

You are now ready to start looking for meemeecs. Don t forget to continue reading the rules!

Game Play

Roll the dice. They will show you the color and face of the meemeec you need to search for. Now hurry! Look for them!

For example, you rolled these dice:

It means that you need to look for this meemeec:

Once you find the right meemeec, strike the same pose by placing your arms in the same way as they are. If you are the first to do so then take a token of any color from the pile.

End of the Game

The game ends when one of the players collects 5 tokens. That player wins!

Advanced Rules

If you find the meemeecs on the easy side of the game board too quickly, then it's time to turn it over and take the third die, this one.

What changes in the advanced game? There are more meemeecs, and so they are smaller, and, most importantly, they are now wearing either a hat, socks, or a bow tie.

So it is much harder, and, of course, much more interesting to look for them. Roll all three dice, and, as before, look for the right meemeec. Strike the same pose as they are by placing your arms in the same way. But that's not all...


Not only do you need to strike the same pose as the meemeec, but you also have to have the same expression on your face. For example, in this case you should make a surprised face and put your both hands up. Have fun!

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