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  • 300 advice cards
  • 100 to-do lists
  • 8 wooden pawns
  • 1 advice die
  • 1 game board

Object of the Game

Score the most points by giving the best, funniest, and/or most appropriate advice to other players to help them accomplish their specific chosen activities.


  1. Place the game board and advice die in the middle of the playing area.

  2. Each player chooses a pawn and places it on the Start space on the board.

  3. Shuffle the To-Do lists and stack 20-30 of them face down in the designated "To-Do list" space on the board. Place the rest back in the box.

  4. Remove all the Advice cards from the box and stack them face down in piles within reach of all players. Deal 6 Advice cards to each player. (Look at your cards but keep them secret from your opponents).

  5. Flip over the box top and place it nearby to collect discarded cards.

Game Play

Sounds Like a Plan is played in rounds. The person who slept the latest this morning becomes the Planner for the first round and everyone else becomes Advice Givers.

When you are the Planner:

  1. Place your Advice cards face down off to the side. (You won't use them during your turn).

  2. Take the top To-Do list and place it face up on top of the rest of the deck. Each To-Do list has three different activities on it.

    For example: 1. Find true love; Make objects levitate with my mind; 3. Run away with the circus.

  3. Roll the advice die. The die will reveal one of six different types of advice that you will seek.

    Unless you rolled a Wild or Crystal Ball, choose one activity from the To-Do list that you'd like to accomplish and read it aloud to the group. Example: Run away with the circus.

At this point, all Advice Givers must select and give you one card from their hands (face down) that best fits the type of advice you rolled.

Types of Advice

Best - Advice Givers should hand you Advice cards that they believe are the best advice for accomplishing your chosen activity.

Worst - Advice Givers should hand you the worst possible piece of advice for your chosen activity.

Grandma - Advice cards should reflect what a grandmother might offer as advice.

Kid - Advice cards should reflect what a little kid might say.

Psychic - Choose an activity on the To-Do list that you would most like to accomplish, but keep it secret for now.

Advice Givers must use their intuition to guess which of the three Activities you chose and then pick the best Advice card from their hands to go with it. Once you have received cards from the other players (but before you look at them), reveal which activity you chose.

Wild - Choose any one of the five types of advice described above. Turn the die to the side to indicate the type of advice you want.

Make a Plan

  1. Mix up the Advice cards before looking at them, so you don't know who handed you which card.

  2. Read and evaluate the advice you received both in terms of how well they:

    1. apply to your chosen activity.
    2. match the type of advice you rolled.
  3. Make a plan using the Advice cards, placing them in the numbered spaces on the board. Rank the cards according to the type of advice you rolled:

    • Best - Rank cards in order from best possible advice (1=5 points), to next best (2 = 4 points), and so on.
    • Worst - Rank cards from the worst possible advice (1=5 points), to not as bad (2 = 4 points), and so on.
    • Grandma - Rank based on the priority grandma would give them.
    • Kid - Rank based on the priority a little kid would give them.
    • Psychic - Rank as if they were the best advice for your chosen activity.

Note: In a 7 or 8 player game, only select and rank the top 5 Advice cards that you receive. Any remaining cards do not score points.

Ending a Round and Scoring

Advice Givers score based on where their cards were placed in the ranking and advance their pawns along the game board accordingly.

The Planner gathers all used cards and discards them into the box top, out of play. Advice Givers replenish their hands to six cards.

Play passes to the left, with that person taking on the role of the Planner for the next round.

Note: Once per game, each player may trade in some or all of his Advice cards for new ones.

End of the Game

Continue playing rounds until one player reaches the finish line.

In case of a tie, the player who scored the most points in the last round wins.

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