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Rating: 6.5 Good
Players: 1-4 players
Playing time: 35-32 minutes

Created by: Alexis Allard, Aurélie Guarino

Published by: MushrooM Games (II), The Wood Games


Since the beginning of time, humans have lived in harmony on the coast of the Great Continent. Hostile fauna & flora prevented any exploration of the inland. Gradually, clans have turned to the sea and acquired new knowledge regarding nature. Sun & wind.

Recently, courageous explorers have discovered, far in the blue immensity, a magnificent archipelago, filled with vital resources for humans.

You are these explorers, sent by the clan leaders to bring back prestige and wealth. Find the natural resources, as well as the temples of an ancient civilisation, in the heart of these many islands: The Small Islands.

Small Islands is a tile-placement game in which you are daring explorers discovering a magnificent archipelago. Its islands are brimming with natural resources but also temples from an ancient and mysterious civilization.

Brave adventurers, bring back to your clan wealth & prestige!

A game is played in maximum 4 Rounds. At the beginning of each Round, each player secretly picks an Objective Card out of three cards. And in turn, players draw and place a Landscape Tile out of the 5 available (2 in hand, and 3 on the table).

At a certain point, another option becomes available: placing a Ship Tile. When this tile is placed, in turn, all players place Houses on the islands and earn Prestige Points according to their Objective.

Then players start a new Round. When the game ends, players receive additional points for their Ship Tiles.

In Advanced Mode, Objectives are split in 2 types of cards which allows you to create your own objectives among many combinations.

There is also a Solo Mode, innovative for its mechanics as well as for the very concept of a solo mode in a tile-placement game. We gave it an IA with a personality and different behaviors.

Small Islands offers you even more surprises, hidden at its heart.

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  • 56 Landscape Tiles
  • 4 two-sided Starting Tiles
  • 1 Navigation Tile
  • 4 Ship Tiles
  • 32 Clan Houses
  • 16 Bonus Tokens
  • 12 Discovery Tokens
  • 45 Prestige Tokens
  • 12 Objective Cards
  • 12 Mission Cards and 12 Reward Cards
  • 3 Alexis Cards and 15 Expedition Cards
  • Instructions


At the beginning of each Round, each player secretly picks an Objective Card. This card indicates the objective to achieve at the end of the Round and the Prestige Points (PP) that can be earned. …

You can place 1 House on each island that has strictly more of the first Resource than the second.

Example for the first card (more Flowers than Fruits): On an island with 4 Leaves, 3 Flowers and 0 Fruit, there are more Flowers than Fruits so you can place 1 House on this island.

You can place 1 House on each island that has at least all the symbols of the card.

Example for the first card (1 Temple and 2 Flowers): On an island with 1 Temple, 3 Flowers and 1 Fruit, there is indeed at least 1 Temple and at least 2 Flowers, so you can place 1 House on this island. …

For each island where you place 1 House, you earn Prestige Points (PP) for the symbols that are on the island, as indicated by the card.

Example for the first card (1 PP / Flower + 2 PP): For an island with 3 Flowers and a second island with 2 Flowers, you earn 3 + 2 = 5 PP and 2 + 2 = 4 PP, therefore a total of 9 PP.

For each island where you place 1 House, pick the Resource present on the island with the lowest count. …

In Solo Mode, you play against a virtual player. Alexis is the game designer of Small Islands and he will be your opponent in this game. He has his own cards: Alexis Cards and Expedition Cards.

Your goal is to beat Alexis at his own game. You can play in Normal Mode or Advanced Mode. Rules are identical but for a few changes, notably in the Set Up phase. …

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