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Tempest Tower is a mystical castle aloft in the clouds where fantastical creatures gather and play. But a storm is brewing and five enchanted friends must cross the clouds and return to their homes before the storm closes in.

Magical spells can help the team control the clouds but the magic is limited and the weather is unpredictable. The friends must work together to use the magic wisely before the shifting clouds prevent them from getting home.


  • 5 Game board panels
  • 5 Storm Clouds
  • 15 Weather cards
  • 9 Magic Spell cards
  • 1 Die
  • 5 Magic character movers
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Work together to help five enchanted friends get home before they run out of magic spells.


  1. Assemble the game board panels as shown below to create the game board.

  2. Familiarize all players with the five enchanted characters and their homes on the board. Place the 5 character movers in the center of the board on Tempest Tower on their corresponding colored spaces.

  3. Shuffle the Weather cards and place them near the board.

  4. Shuffle the Magic Spell cards and place them near the board in their own stack.

  5. Place the Storm Clouds and die near the board within reach of all players.

The youngest player goes first.

Game Play

Every player starts their turn by rolling the die.

A. If you roll a number

Choose any enchanted friend and move them that number of spaces towards their home. Talk to the other players to help make the best decision on which character to move.

Note that enchanted friends cannot share a cloud space or pass over each other.

B. If you roll a Storm Cloud

Draw a Weather card and complete the action.

  1. If your card is a Wind Flip:

    Flip the board panel of the matching color.

    If a enchanted character is on the panel to be flipped, lift the character before flipping the panel and set them back down in the same position on the new face-up side of the panel or board.

    If there is a cloud in that space, the character remains in position. If there isn't a cloud, the character must return to their starting space on Tempest Tower.

  2. If your card is a Storm Cloud Cover:

    Place a Storm Cloud to cover a panel of the board. Decide as a team the best place to position the Storm Cloud. Which spot blocks the least paths?

C. If you roll a Magic wand

Draw a Magic Spell card.

A Magic Spell can be used immediately, or it can be saved for later by placing it face up in front of you.

Only one Magic Spell card can be saved at any time for all players. If you roll a Magic Wand and another player is already saving one, one spell must be used immediately or discarded.

Magic Spells

  • Freeze Spell: Prevent a Wind Flip from happening. This is useful if you fear that one of the magic characters may have to return to start on a Wind Flip.

  • Gale Spell: A gale is a strong wind that allows you to blow away one Storm Cloud. Is a path to a home blocked? Use a Gale Spell to clear the way.

  • Doubling Spell: Double the number rolled on the die. For example, if you roll a 3, the Doubling Spell will change it to 6.

End of the Game

If all 5 enchanted friends get to their homes (using either entrance) with Magic Spell cards left in play, all players win the game.

If the last Magic Spell card has been used and all characters aren't home, you've been beaten by the storm.

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