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In a 2-pLayer game, two colors of sheep will be neutral. They do not score. All rules are the same except:

The 3-player timer track is used for this variant. Take one of the unused control mats (not one each) and place it between the two players at the side of the playing area.

Both players take five mutton buttons from the remaining, unused colors (for example, one takes green, the other yellow).

Each player covers five actions on the extra control mat: 2x1 timer movement actions, 2x2 timer movement actions and 1x3 timer movement action. (The specific action is unimportant; only the timer movement is used).


(assuming players are playing with blue and red).

Before the game begins, each player will perform TWO Lamb slams. The starting player rolls the sheep panic die and performs a Lamb slam. The other player rolls the die and does the same. Each player then performs one more Lamb slam in play order.

Game Play

Between step C (the flock marker is moved) and step D (points may be scored), there is now an extra small step.

Step C* - You may remove one of your mutton buttons from the extra control mat and add on the corresponding flock marker movement.

Example: Fraser has completed a ewe turn and moved the flock marker one space. Before scoring, he decides to remove one of his mutton buttons from the extra control mat.

He chooses a 2 flock marker action space. The flock marker is moved on an extra 2 spaces. Scoring (if any) now occurs.

At the end of a turn you must have more free actions on your control mat than mutton buttons on the extra control mat. You must use a mutton button whenever you would have more buttons on your extra mat than on your control mat.

There is a penalty at the end of the game for buttons left on your extra control mat.

If your normal action causes you to finish on the second brown space of a field, you cannot play extra flock marker movement that round.

An extra flock marker movement doesn't have to be exact to finish on the second brown space of a field (a higher number than required can be played).

If you have more buttons on your extra mat than actions remaining when you move onto a second brown space of a field, you must remove a button of your choice (to bring your counts to be equal), and lose 2 points.

Note: The extra flock marker movement can cause the flock marker to move off, or onto, a red space. Remember that the sheep panic is the last thing to happen in your turn.


Any unused mutton buttons left on the extra control mat at the end of the game count -2 points each.

If you manage to shear both of your opponent's sheep, during the first shearing, you automatically win.

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