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  • 27 unique cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Find the most SETs.


The game has 27 unique cards with 3 features: color, shape, and number.

What Is a Set

A SET is 3 cards that are either ALL THE SAME or ALL DIFFERENT in each individual feature.

For example, on each of the 3 cards:

  • the color must be ALL THE SAME or ALL DIFFERENT and

  • the shape must be ALL THE SAME or ALL DIFFERENT and

  • the number must be ALL THE SAME or ALL DIFFERENT.

Quick Check

Is it a SET? If 2 cards are the same and 1 is different in any feature then it is not a SET.


Game Play

The dealer shuffles the cards and lays 12 face-up on the table (in a rectangle) so that they can be seen by all.

A player must call "SET" before picking up cards. There are no turns; the first player to call "SET" gets control of the board.

After he or she has called "SET", no other player can pick up cards until that player has finished.

The SET must be picked up within a few seconds after calling it. If a player calls "SET" and does not have one, or if the SET is incorrect, he or she loses 1 point and the 3 cards are returned to the table.

The dealer replaces the cards as SETs are picked up. The play continues until the deck is depleted.

End of the Game

At the end of the game, there may be cards remaining that do not form a SET. The number of SETs held by each player is then counted. The player with the most SETs wins!

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