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Ability cards: These are the ability cards placed on your Adventurer board. They also represent your health.

Base Health: The printed health on the Creature card i.e. if you have a Forest Giant with base health of 7 followed by a Forest Giant with base health of 8 followed by a Fell Beast with base health of 10 - the Giants' health are 15 and 18 respectively.

Campfire: This refers to the center dial on the Camp board that keeps track of the firewood in camp. The campfire/firewood level dictates how many Creatures you reveal at any given time i.e. when the campfire is at 7, you will reveal the first 2 creatures in line (denoted by the 2 in the ).

Remember to continually reveal these positions after Creatures are defeated.

Defeat: Refers to the act of placing a Creature card into the Graveyard.

Defeated: This term is sometimes used on Creature cards and triggers when the Creature is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard.

Direct Attacks: When you spend your attack dice for their rolled value to damage and defeat Creatures, that is considered a direct attack.

Exhaust: This refers to the act of flipping over an Ability card to represent that you have taken damage and/or used up that ability.

First Position: Many Creatures have first position powers that activate if they are ever the first Creature in the Line.

Graveyard: Refers to the Creature discard pile. When Creatures are defeated they are placed here.

Horde: The Horde is a stack of additional Creature cards that will be added to the final round of the game.

The Line: Refers to the Line of Creatures that needs to be defeated every round.

Ongoing: Creatures with ongoing abilities trigger and continue to occur and change based on the game state.

On Watch: Refers to the Adventurers currently involved in combat.

Passive: Passive Adventurer abilities do not require a die to activate and are active and available as long as they remain face-up.

Range: Refers to how far back in the Line an Adventurer can target. Every Adventurer can target Creatures in first position. Adventurers with range can attack Creatures in first or second position.

When a card says that all Adventurers' ranges are increased by 1 that means that each Adventurer can target an additional card in the Line i.e. Melee Adventurers could attack 1st and 2nd position and ranged Adventurers could attack 1st, 2nd and 3rd position.

Recover a die: Ability Cards that say recover dice return them (at their value) to the Adventurer they were stolen from. Once returned, they can be used as normal.

Refresh: Flip over an Ability Card to its unexhausted side so that you can use it again. Also sometimes refered to as Heal.

Resting: Refers to the Adventurer that went to camp this round. Remember that every Adventurer needs to rest twice. Use the Rest tokens to keep track of resting.

Reveal: Refers to the act of flipping over and revealing Creature cards. Many Creatures have reveal abilities that trigger when they are flipped over.

Steal: There are several Creature powers that steal a die. When a die is stolen it is placed on the Creature until it is defeated. Once the Creature is defeated, the die is returned to the corresponding Adventurer but is considered spent.

Tame: Taming a Creature refers to removing the Creature from the Line and adding it to your play area for later use as an attack die. These Creatures can be saved between rounds unless otherwise specified.

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