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Rating: 0 Unknown
Players: 2-0 players
Playing time: 15 minutes

Created by: K. Allegra Vernon, K. Allegra Vernon

Published by: Outset Media


See It! Slam It! Say It! is an easy to learn party game. The goal is to collect the most category cards within 10 rounds.

The game play is easy to learn. In a round, there is one alphabet card and four category cards. The four category cards are revealed and read aloud so everyone knows the topics.

When the alphabet card is turned over, everyone must think of something that starts with the letter and matches one of the four categories. If a player has an answer, he or she must slam their hand on the category card and say their connection to win that card.

For example, the four categories are Action Movie, Ice Cream Flavor, Biblical Name and Vampire. The alphabet card that is revealed is a "B".

A player could slam the Action Movie category card and say, "Bourne Ultimatum" or slam the Ice Cream category card and say, "Bubblegum".

There are other details like voting on tie-breakers, baloney answers, and no repeating that are covered in the instructions.

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