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Rating: 9.1 Excellent
Players: 3-5 players
Playing time: 90-120 minutes

Official Site: Rising Sun CMON product page

Created by: Eric M. Lang, Adrian Smith

Published by: CMON Limited, ADC Blackfire Entertainment, Asmodee

Alternate Names: Восходящее солнце, 旭日戰魂錄


The Great And Forgotten Kami Have Returned From The Underworld, Displeased With The Affairs Of The Empire's Present Shōgun.

At The Start Of Spring In The Great New Year, The Kami Have Gathered Their Sacred Clans With One Quest: Reclaim The Lands Of Nippon And Return Them To Their Honorable, Spiritual Traditions.

However, Each Clan Is Bound By Their Own Proud Traditions To A Unique Vision For This Great Return And Must Wage A Powerful Diplomatic War Across Eight Provinces.

Alliances Must Be Forged, Betrayal Is Inevitable, Honorable Standing Rises And Falls. Political Mandates Must Be Navigated And Devastating War Must Be Fought, Each Won By Expert Skill And Cunning Negotiation. And Only One May Stand Victorious At The Coming Of Winter.

You, Honorable Shōgun, Lead One Of These Great Clans. Do You Have The Strength Of Honor, Virtue, And Spirit, As Well As The Mastery Of Steel Necessary To Deliver On This Ancient Promise?

Rising Sun is a spiritual successor in the same mythic big box series as Blood Rage: same designer, same artist, same studio and same sculptors.

Rising Sun is a game about honor, negotiation, and warfare in a feudal Japan where the ancient gods (kami) have returned to rebuild the empire.

Whereas the distant ancestor of Blood Rage was Risk, Rising Sun claims Diplomacy as its distant ancestor. Tackle negotiations, alliances, and war. Capture hostages and commit seppuku. The game features an honor track, which rises and falls based on your actions.

Retail Price:$84
Rising Sun: Daimyo Box
Rising Sun: Dynasty Invasion
Rising Sun: Kami Unbound
Rising Sun: Monster Pack
RPC Fantasy Award Tabletop & Miniatures Game Winner 2018

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  • 1 Game Board
  • 5 Clan Screens
  • 7 Shrine Tiles
  • 10 Political Mandate Tiles
  • 21 Core Season Cards (7 per Season)
  • 24 War Province Tokens (8 per Season)
  • 15 Teapot Set Season Cards (5 per Season)
  • 15 Horseman Set Season Cards (5 per Season)
  • 15 Archway Set Season Cards (5 per Season)
  • 5 Alliance Tokens
  • 20 Stronghold Tokens (4 per Clan)
  • 20 Ronin Tokens
  • 8 War Number Tokens
  • 65 Plastic Coins
  • 10 Clan Markers (2 per Clan)
  • 10 Bonsai Clan Figures (6 Bushi, 3 Shinto, 1 Daimyo)
  • 10 Koi Clan Figures (6 Bushi, 3 Shinto, 1 Daimyo)
  • 10 Dragonfly Clan Figures (6 Bushi, 3 Shinto, 1 Daimyo)
  • 10 Lotus Clan Figures (6 Bushi, 3 Shinto, 1 Daimyo)
  • 5 Huge Monster Bases (1 per Clan)
  • 10 Turtle Clan Figures (6 Bushi, 3 Shinto, 1 Daimyo)
  • 15 Shinto White Bases
  • 5 Daimyo Black Bases
  • 15 Large Monster Bases (3 per Clan)

Object of the Game

Rising Sun is a board game for 3 to 5 players set in legendary feudal Japan. …

The Game Board


The heart of the board shows the Map of Japan, which is where most of the conflicts in the game play out.

Political Mandate Slots

During their turn, players will place their chosen Political Mandates in these slots, going from left to right.

Shrine Slots

At the start of each game, Honor Track 4 random Shrine tiles are These slots are used to mark placed in these slots. These the relative Honor between represent the Shrines the the Clans. A Clan with its Shinto may go to in order to marker above another has worship the different Kami. …

At the start of the game, the player whose Clan is at the top of the Honor track takes the deck of Political Mandates to play the first Mandate Turn.

At the start of the following Seasons, the first player to perform a Mandate Turn is the one to the left of the player who performed the last Mandate Turn on the previous Season.

To easily remember this, make sure to keep the deck of Political Mandates close to the player who will play it next. …

After a Mandate Turn has been executed, if the next step on the Political Track shows the Kami symbol, then the Political Phase is briefly interrupted to resolve a Kami Turn, in which the Clans that have sent some of their Shinto warriors to worship at the Shrines may reap powerful benefits.

During a Kami Turn, players resolve the effects of each of the 4 Shrine tiles in order, starting from the leftmost Shrine and proceeding to the right. In each Shrine, players compare the total Force each Clan has there. Only the Clan with the most Force gets the benefit granted by that Shrine's Kami. As always, if there's a tie, the tied player with the highest Honor is considered to have the most Force in the Shrine. If a Shrine has no Shinto on it, it's simply skipped during this Kami Turn. …

Each of the Clans in Rising Sun possesses a unique special ability that sets them apart from all the others.

Koi Clan

Eddies in the Stream - Ever adaptable and unpredictable, the Koi Clan is able to use Coins as if they were Ronin. At the start of the War Phase, the Koi player must discard all Ronin tokens they have and take the same number of Coins from the common pile.

When resolving the Hire Ronin step of a Battle, all Coins the Koi player has in their reserve count as Ronin tokens, adding their Force to the figures in the Province if the Koi player won the Hire Ronin War Advantage. …

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