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Whether you are Raptor or Scientist…

Playing your cards of value 1 and 2 at the right time (when your opponent plays a card of value 3 to 5) can give you an advantage...

That way you will get rid of your "weak" cards without offering too many action points to your opponent.

Advice to a Scientist who just graduated

Your brilliant studies might have taught you how to solve any triple integral you might run into, but you are not really (not at all, actually) prepared to face the scary Raptors that inhabit this forsaken island.

As a first step, your goal is... to survive! Here are a few elementary tips that might be of help:

  • The Law Of Large Numbers

    Bringing in reinforcements is vital, otherwise you might be erradicated from the board and defeated.

  • Unity Is Strength

    Each scientist can only perform one aggressive action per turn. If you move your scientists in teams of two, it becomes possible to capture a baby in a single turn. The first scientist can put it to sleep and the second scientist can then capture it.

    Nice And Slow

    Your biggest enemy is the mother raptor. She is fast, ruthless, stealthy and won't stop devouring you. Slowing her down is therefore very important. Do not hesitate to target her as quickly as possible with one or two shots. It will calm her down...

  • Dead End

    Make a smart use of your fire to block the escape routes. Only the mother can put down the fire. The longer the game lasts, the better chances the scientist has of winning, so...slow down the enemy as much as possible!

Advice to an Angry Raptor

There you were, living a peaceful life, and suddenly, crash!...a horde of unknown bipeds with engines invade your territory... And on top of that, they are after your babies...the fools! They might not have realized they were edible!

  • Out To Lunch

    To put some pressure on the invaders, one working trick is to chew on some of them as early as possible. If possible, on the same side of the board, in order to make room for your babies.

  • Make Yourself Forgotten

    Make a smart use of your two Disappearances to reappear on the other side of the board and to peek at your opponent's next move before choosing your action.

    Gather Round!

    Then, use your mother's call to bring your babies under your protection, if possible, close to an exit free of scientists.

A Few Reminders

  • No movement and no action can ever be done diagonally.

  • There can never be two figurines on the same space, and one can never move through a space occupied by another figurine, even one that is on the same side.

  • Only the player who played the card with the lowest value will apply the effect of his card. Only the player who played the card with the highest value will be able to spend action points to perfom actions on the board.

  • If the mother is wounded, the Raptor player can only move her by first loosing as many action points as the number fo sleep tokens she has.

  • Each scientist on the board can perform only one aggressive action per turn (put a baby to sleep, shoot at the mother, capture a sleeping baby raptor).

  • When the mother puts down a fire, she removes the fire token and all orthogonally adjacent fire tokens connected to it.

  • A sleeping baby raptor and a frightened scientist can never be set back upright on the same turn they were put to sleep or frightened.

  • When a scientist drives a Jeep (cards 3 and 8), the player removes all the fire tokens located on spaces he drives over.

  • The scientist reinforcements (cards 2 and 6) can never be placed on the L-shaped tiles.

  • The effect of a Recovery (cards 5 and 7) can be split between the mother and one or more baby raptors.

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