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Whoever thought it was a good idea to put a load of bulls together in one field?

Well, yours is not to reason why. It is, however, your job to keep them apart - to avoid brawling bulls and potential injury (to themselves or anyone else for that matter).

To do this you'll need to isolate them from each other by building fences. Fortunately, some fence posts have already been put up around the field perimeter. Unfortunately, you only have a limited number of fence rails and mallets to work with...


  • Raging Bulls game page
  • 3 different colored dice (D6)
  • A pen or pencil
  • A straight edge (unless you can draw a nice straight line without one!)

Object of the Game

To build Fences (draw lines) across the field in order to enclose and separate the Bulls in it. The game consists of 4 fields with increasing numbers of Bulls (from 3 to 6). Start with field A (3 Bulls).

Position the Bulls

Roll 2 different colored dice. One will indicate the column number and the other the row number on the field (decide beforehand which color will represent columns and which rows).

Draw a Bull as a small circle (the smaller the better!) at the position where the lines of the column and row meet.

Repeat until you have drawn the number of Bulls indicated for that field (re-roll if a position is already occupied).

Know your Field

Build Fences

On each turn roll 3 dice and choose 2 of the numbers rolled. These represent the numbered Fence Posts around the field's perimeter.

To build a Fence, draw a straight line, starting from a Post represented by one of the numbers and ending on a Post represented by the other. The posts you use must be on different sides of the Field.

Note that a Fence cannot pass through a Bull!

You cannot start or finish the Fence on a Post that has already been used, unless you roll a pair or 3 of a kind (see below).

Rolling a Pair

If 2 of the dice rolled are of the same number then you may use them to start or finish the Fence on a Post of that number - even if it has already been used once.

Note that a Post can never be used more than twice.

The third die rolled then represents the number of the other Post. You may, of course, choose to use the 2 dice for different posts of the same number if those Posts have not been used at all.

Rolling 3 of a Kind

If all 3 dice rolled are of the same number then you may join two Posts of that number, even if they both have already been used once.


If, following the roll of the dice, you are unable to build a Fence (or choose not to) then you must mark off one of the Mallet boxes. You are allowed 3 Passes during the game. If you Pass and all 3 Mallets have been used then the game ends (the uncompleted Field scores as explained below).

Completing a Field

A field is completed when every Bull is isolated - in other words completely enclosed by the Fences you have drawn AND separated from the other Bulls.

You score points for each isolated Bull (multiplied by 3 to 6, depending on the Field) plus a bonus of 1 point for each unused Fence Post.

Leaving a Field Uncompleted

You may, before rolling the dice, leave a field and move onto the next one. In this case you score points for any isolated Bulls but not for unused Posts. You may not return to a field once you've left it.

End of the Game

Once the last field, D, is completed (or left) then the game ends. You score 3 bonus points for each Mallet remaining.

Add this to your scores for each field to arrive at your final total.

How well did you do?

  • < 40 Terri-bull
  • +40 - 59 Passa-bull
  • +60 - 79 Respecta-bull
  • +80 - 99 Commenda-bull
  • +100 - 119 Admira-bull
  • +120 - 139 Incredi-bull
  • +140 - 159 Unbelieva-bull!
  • 160 + Impossi-bull!

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