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  • 25 cubes
  • board


25 cubes are placed in the center of the board. Each cube is characterized by its top face: blank face, or face with a circle or cross (fig. 1).

At the beginning of the game, the cubes all have a blank top face (fig. 2). The two players or teams choose who plays with crosses, who plays with circles, and who is to start.

Object of the Game

To make a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line from 5 cubes bearing your symbol (fig. 5).

Game Play

Rules For Two Players

In turn, each player chooses a cube and moves it according to the following rules. In no event can a player miss his/her turn.

Choosing and taking a cube:

The player chooses and takes a blank cube, or one with his/her symbol on it, from the board's periphery (fig. 3).

In the first round, the players have no choice but to take a blank cube. You are not allowed to take a cube bearing your opponent's symbol.

Changing the cube symbol: Whether the cube taken is blank or already bears the player's symbol, it must always be replaced by a cube with the player's symbol on the top face.

Replacing the cube:

The player can choose at which end of the incomplete rows made when a cube is taken, the cube is to be replaced; he/she pushes this end to replace the cube.

You can never replace the cube just played back in the position from which it was taken.

Fig. 4: cube can be replaced on the board by pushing A, B or C.

End of the Game

The winner is the player to make and announce that he/she has made a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line with 5 cubes bearing his/her symbol.

The player to make a line with his/her opponent's symbol loses the game, even if he/she makes a line with his/her own symbol at the same time.

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