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  • 85 2-sided Task Cards
  • 15 Proof Cards
  • Hoop
  • Cup
  • Ball
  • Finger Spinner
  • Moe the Timer
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Win bets by proving you are up to the tasks you say you are, or by making wise side bets on others, and be the first player to collect five Cards!


Place the Spinner and Moe the Timer in the center of the playing area. Place the Task Cards in their holder on the playing area. Have the Proof Cards ready in a pile face down on the side.

Set out the Hoop, Cup and Ball!

Game Play

The player who suggested playing this awesome game will be the first Challenger!

Now spin the Finger Spinner to see who you will be paired with (the Rival)! The closest player to where the pointer stops is it!

The Challenger (player who spun) takes a Task Card and reads it aloud. There are four types of Cards:

  • Mad Skills: See who's more talented at something trivial, silly... or not!

  • Know-How: Flex that brain and show off your fancy learnin'!

  • Fingers Crossed: Like a roll of the dice, anyone could come out a winner. Is Lady Luck on your side?

  • Buddy System: Both players collaborate to complete a task!

The Challenger makes a bet about how well they can perform the task, the Rival counters that bet, the Challenger can counter, etc., until one of you calls the other on their bet by saying "Prove It!"

Example: You draw the Card "Bet how many ice cream flavors you can name in 30 seconds".You (Challenger) bets you can name 8, the Rival bets he can name 10, you counter that you can name 11, and the Rival calls you on it and says, "Prove it!"

Now you will have to name 11 ice cream flavors CORRECTLY in 30 seconds in order to score.

There is no limit to how many counter bets there can be; just remember to be realistic because you can be called on your bet and have to complete the task... and it's often Easier Said Than Done!

If the player attempting the task succeeds, they keep the Card. If they DO NOT complete the task, the other player keeps the Card.

Now the person to the left of the Challenger is the NEW Challenger, and spins the Finger Spinner to see who will be the new Rival for the next task, draws another Card, and so on!

Buddy System Tasks

If the Card drawn is a Buddy System Card, the two players will collaborate instead of betting against one another! The other players will officiate, and if the two players are successful, each receives a point (one keeps the Task Card, and the other takes a Proof Card).

Sometimes there will be TWO teams:

Team vs. Team:The Challenger picks a teammate and the Rival picks a teammate, and let the betting begin (if you only have three players, you can choose to pick another card or the Challenger can "go it alone"!).

Proof Cards

These are the extra scoring Cards in Buddy System Tasks, or to be used as "props" in some tasks.

Accept or Pass

In this type of task, the first player has the option of accepting the task or forcing the second player to take on the task. If the player is successful, they keep the Card as a point. If unsuccessful, the other player gets the point!

All Play

In this type of task, EVERYONE must play! The winner gets the point!

Additional "props"

Some tasks may call for additional "props"-a spoon, coin, etc. If you'd rather not use your own props, simply skip those Cards!

Side Betting

If you have Cards, you may make a side bet when two other players are paired for a task (the Challenger and Rival CANNOT side bet).

Using the previous example, if you are player three in the scenario, you may bet one Card with player four (or five, etc.-or against the "house" if there are only three players) whether player one will complete the task or not.

Winner collects a Card from the other side-better(s). Make your bets quickly so the player doesn't have extra time to prepare for their task!

Acceptable Answers

Not sure if someone answered correctly? The group decides if an answer is correct or not, and of course you can always look things up online!

End of the Game

The first player to collect five Cards wins the game!

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