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  • Popper
  • 5 Dice
  • 40 Ring Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Match the color and/or number on your Ring Cards to the Dice before the other players to be the first to get rid of all your cards!


  • Shuffle the Ring Cards and deal five out to each player (face up or face down-doesn't matter).

  • Set the Popper in the middle of the play area, with the Dice in the top area.

  • Go ahead and look at your cards to get familiar with them.

  • Hold the Cards so that the arrows are facing down, toward you.

Game Play

In a Nutshell

You'll be dropping your Ring Cards over each Die, matching the color and/or number. Multiple Ring Cards can be placed around a Die, as long as you can beat what is already there. A number match beats a color match. A number AND color match beats all!

Match Color

Toss a ring card of the same color over the die; someone else can toss another color match with a larger number to beat this match.

Number Match

A number match beats a color match and can be tossed on top of the color-matching ring card.

The only thing that beats a number match is an exact match.

Color And Number Match

An exact match (color and number) beats all other matches and can be tossed on top of other matches.

This also ends the matching of this die for that round.

Rules in Detail

The youngest player places the Dice in the Popper, presses down the center using just one finger, and then releases it quickly so the Dice pop up and are scattered on the table!

Now everyone races to get rid of as many Ring Cards as they can by matching them to the Dice.

Cards can only be dropped if the COLOR of the Card matches the Die, or the NUMBER on the Card matches that shown on the top of the Die. Drop Cards face up (color/number showing). Multiple Cards can be placed over the same Die.

  • Matching color can be dropped if there is NO matching number Card already there.

  • You can put a HIGHER number in a matching color on top of another card, except in the case of an exact color/number match.

  • A matching number beats a color, so it can be dropped over a color match.

  • If a Card has a matching color AND number, it can always be dropped and beats any other Cards there.

  • If an exact match is already down, you cannot drop another exact match on top of it.

Example: The Die is a red 3. A red 4 Card can be dropped (color matches). Then a red 5 Card can be dropped (color matches, and is a number higher).

Then an orange 3 can be dropped (number matches, which beats color). Then a red 3 can be dropped (perfect match beats all). Nothing else can be dropped on this Die now!

Card Arrows

Cards must be dropped correctly. If a player drops an incorrect Card (or drops one on top of another it cannot beat), that player must take back ALL the Cards in that pile.

You will know who dropped an incorrect Card by where the arrow points. ALWAYS drop your Cards with the arrow pointing toward you.

Next Round

Keep racing to drop your Cards until everyone has played all the Cards they can in this round. Check the piles to make sure no incorrect Cards were played.

If no one got rid of all of their Cards, every player gets one more card dealt to them. Re-Pop the Dice and go again!

End of the Game

Once a player drops all of their Cards, they cheer loudly because they win! Now play again!

For Younger Players

Instead of all players racing to drop Cards at the same time, try taking turns to familiarize younger players with the game. Then, switch to racing!

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