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  • 1 Pizza Game Board
  • 3 Pizza Cutters
  • 3 Wooden Dice in the 3 player colors
  • 48 Pizza Toppings
  • Instructions


1. Place the Pizza in the center of the table with the 3 players each directly facing one of the arrows on the board. (Players having the proper perspective on the board is important).

2. Randomly choose a starting player. Rotate the Pizza so that the "1st" text is facing that player.

3. Each player takes a Pizza Cutter (the wooden skewer); a die and the toppings of their color.

4. Each player places a topping (2 total) on the two "X" starting spaces closest to him/her

The Pizza Game Board

1st, 2nd and 3rd indicates the player turn order. Numbers 1 through 6 and the corresponding dashed lines indicate the six possible cuts available to each player. Each player must cut on one of the six lines in their designated direction.

The three white arrows indicate which direction to rotate the Pizza at the end of each round. Figure 1 illustrates where each player's toppings start, and the six cuts available to the first player.

Game Play

Each Round follows this sequence:

1. Add Toppings

Following turn order, as designated by 1st, 2nd, 3rd, each player adds 1 of their toppings to the Pizza -- onto an empty space that is not next to any of their own toppings.

If a player does not have any available spaces, they do not add a topping this round.

2. Cut Pizza

Simultaneously, each player chooses a number (1-6) on their die and places it (hidden by cupping your hand over it) down on the table.

Once all of the players have chosen a number, all 3 dice are revealed and each player places their Pizza Cutter across the Pizza on the corresponding line facing them, as designated by the number revealed on their die.

Players are not allowed to announce or reveal their cut choice before everyone has chosen a number.

3. Replace Toppings

The cuts divide the Pizza into several regions (called slices). In each slice, the player with the most toppings replaces all opponents' toppings with their own.

Removed toppings are returned to their respective owners. In the case of a 2-way tie for the most toppings, the third player's toppings are removed but not replaced. In a 3-way tie no toppings are removed.

Safety Rule: If a player has no more than 1 topping in any slice, all of that player's toppings are safe and may not be removed or replaced this round.

4. Rotate the Pizza

Each player takes their Pizza Cutter off of the board and returns their die back into their hand.

Then, following the arrows, rotate the Pizza clockwise until each player has a new turn order designation in front of them.

Start a new Round.

List Toppings

End of the Game

At the end of a round, if a player has all 16 of their toppings on the Pizza they are the winner.

Tie breaker: If two players run out of toppings during the same round, whichever player would end with more toppings on the Pizza is the winner.

Example: Replace Toppings

  • 1st player (Red) chose cut #5
  • 2nd player (Green) chose cut #6
  • 3rd player (White) chose cut #4

The Pizza is now divided into 5 slices, Labeled A through E

  • Slice A: Red and Green are tied for most toppings, so the White topping is removed but not replaced.

  • Slice B: No Change

  • Slice C: White has the most toppings and replaces the Green topping.

  • Slice D: Red has the most toppings and replaces both the Green and White toppings.

  • Slice E: 3-way tie, thus No Change.

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