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Welcome to the South Pole. Our Penguins are ready to play with you. Roll the dice to find their matching hidden eggs.

Be the first to collect six penguins to win. Memory and a little luck will help you succeed in this Fun South Pole Eggspedition!


  • 12 Penguins
  • 12 Colored Eggs
  • 4 Iceberg Scoring Boards
  • 2 Colored Dice
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

The first player to collect six penguins with their eggs wins the game.


Place one egg inside each penguin. Mix and place the penguins in the middle of the table. Each player takes an iceberg scoring board.

Game Play

The game plays in a clockwise direction starting with the youngest player. Begin your turn by rolling the dice.

You have two attempts per turn to try to find two hidden eggs that match the colors on the dice. Each time a penguin is lifted all players must be able to see the color of the hidden egg.

  • If you find neither of the matching eggs, place the penguins back on their eggs and it is the next player's turn.

  • If you find one of the matching eggs, place the corresponding penguin with its egg inside in front of your iceberg and it is the next player's turn.

  • If you find two matching eggs, place both penguins with their eggs in front of your iceberg and play again.

You can also look for matches in penguins already collected by you or your opponents (just do not take them). Once a penguin is collected it cannot be taken away from the iceberg.

Players are not allowed to shuffle penguins already collected.

Game Options

Players can help or give false information to other players.

For more advanced players (suggested for ages 6 and up): In addition to taking penguins from the middle of the table, players can also take penguins away from opponents.

Eggs can therefore be moved from one iceberg to another.

End of the Game

Be the first to collect six penguins to win.

If the last penguin from the middle is won and no player has collected six penguins, the player with the most penguins wins the game.

In the case of a tie the player who took the last penguin wins the game.

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