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Ghost Tips

  1. Remember that the ghosts are a team. Try to move your ghost so that the other ghosts do not get blocked or forced to take long paths through the maze to reach their goal.

  2. When possible, move your ghost not just where PAC-MAN is, but where you think PAC-MAN will be on his next turn!

Pac-man Tips

  1. Don't forget PAC-MAN only has 1 life in this game. Once a ghost catches PAC-MAN, the game is over.

  2. Pac-MAN only earns points for the yellow pegs that he eats in each completed corner of the plastic game board.

  3. Work on clearing all the yellow pegs in one corner of the board before moving on to other corners.

  4. Use your Power Pellets wisely. After eating a Power Pellet, you may want to focus on collecting Pac-Dots instead of chasing ghosts, to help clear a corner, or finish the level.

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