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In One Night Ultimate Alien, strange beings from beyond have infiltrated your small village, bringing fearsome futuristic technology and an insatiable appetite for villagers and their livestock. Fortunately, your village has powerful inhabitants who have been tasked with saving it from the alien invaders.


  • 13 unique roles on thick, sturdy tiles
  • 13 role tokens
  • 10 player number tokens
  • 2 most vote tokens
  • Getting started guide
  • Rulebook

For players of other One Night Games

Alien includes changes from the original One Night Ultimate Werewolf*game, its sequel Daybreak, and One Night Ultimate Vampire.

Be sure to read the Getting Started Guide before you jump in and start playing. The sections indicated below highlight some things that a re new to Alien.

Setup: Alien requires that the device with the app on it is placed where everyone can reach it. It also requires that each player take a player number token. See Setup below.

The One Night app: Unlike other One Night games, using the One Night app is mandatory for Alien. Several roles only work if there's an app, and unlike previous games, the narration for each role is not shown in the rules. Fortunately, the One Night app is free (visit on your device for direct links).

Variable rules for several roles: Many roles in the game have you do different things each time you play. The app provides a different set of these rules for each game automatically.

Multiple teams in the same game: You can have any number of teams playing in a One Night game, such as Aliens and Werewolves.


When playing Alien, you may use any combination of roles, but always include three more role cards than there are players.

Each player receives one card (face down, which they look at secretly). While you may use any number of Aliens, we recommend using a combination of two Aliens (any two regular Aliens, Groob, or Zerb) for the best results.

Place the three extra cards in the center of the table facedown.

Each player receives a Player Number token, which is numbered from 1 to the number of players playing. To make things easier for all players, giving players numbers that increase in a circle around the table (in either direction) will make it easier to play Alien.

Place the device that is running the app on the table face up near the center of the table where everyone can both view the device and reach it.

Playing with the alien Roles

This section describes all of the roles in One Night Ultimate Alien and also explains how they interact with roles from the original One Night Ultimate Werewolf game, its sequel, Daybreak, and One Night Ultimate Vampire.

For the roles below, "alien" includes the regular Aliens, Groob, Zerb, and any other card that becomes an alien during the Night Phase. If any alien is killed at the end of the game, the alien team loses.

If you're a One Night veteran, play Alien first without cards from the other games. Once you get the hang of how Alien works, you can add cards from other One Night games.


The Oracle wakes up and the app asks her a question. She responds by tapping an answer on the app.

If she does not respond for any reason (including if the card is in the center), the app chooses an answer for her.

The Oracle is on the villager team.


Aliens (induding "regular" Aliens, Synthetic, Groob, ana Zerb) wake up and look for each other. Then the app directs the Aliens as to what to do next.

In some cases, the Aliens may have the ability to change a player into an alien. In this particular case, the player remains an Alien, regardless of what his card is.

The Alien is on the alien team.

Synthetic Alien

The Synthetic Alien wakes up with the aliens. Even though he is an alien, he has a different win condition.

Due to the self-awareness, he is programmed with, he realizes that his advanced technology is too powerful for the aliens to wield and too dangerous for the villagers to have, so he only wins if he dies. If the Synthetic dies, everyone on the alien and village teams loses.

When the app refers to "aliens" it includes the Synthetic Alien, even though he is on a different team.

The Synthetic Alien is on his own team.


The Cow sticks out her fist while the aliens are awake. If any alien is sitting next to the Cow, one alien must tap her on the fist, which tips her.

The Cow is on the village team.

Groob & Zerb

Groob and Zerb wake up with the aliens, and then wake up together later and look at each other.

If both Groob and Zerb are in the game, they have a different win condition: Groob only wins if Zerb dies and Groob stays alive, and Zerb only wins if Groob dies and Zerb stays alive.

In both cases, the village team wins as well, since at least one alien was killed. Any other aliens in the game lose if either Zerb or Groob dies.

If only one of the two is in the game, she is on the alien team as normal.

Groob and Zerb are on the alien team unless both are in the game in which case they are on their own teams.


The Leader wakes up, and all players who are aliens keep their eyes dosed and put out their thumbs.

If both Zerband and Groob are in the game and saw each other when they woke up, they point at each other (with their eyes closed) instead of putting out their thumbs.

If Zerb and Groob are not both in the game, the Leader wins with the village team.

If both of them are in the game, the only way the Leader wins is if both Zerb and Groob are alive at the end of the game.

In addition, the village team loses and the alien team wins if all players on the alien team (including Zerb and Groob, if either or both are in the game) point to the Leader, even if an alien is killed.

The Leader is on the village team unless Zerb and Groob are both in the game, in which case the Leader only wins if both Groob and Zerb survive.


The Psychic wakes up and the app tells her to look at one or more cards. Which cards may be viewed can be different for each game.

The Psychic is on the village team.


The Rascal wakes up and the app tells him if he may (or must) move two or more cards. Which cards may be moved can be different for each game.

The Rascal is on the village team.


The Exposer wakes up and may flip one, two, or three of the center cards by turning them over and leaving them that way. The number of cards turned over is determined by the app.

If the Exposer is told that he may flip two cards, he must flip two or none at all. If he is told that he may flip three cards, he must flip three or none at all.

The Exposer is on the village team.


The Blob doesn't wake up, but is told which and how many players adjacent to it are now part of the Blob.

The Blob wins as long as none of the players who are part of the Blob (including the Blob player) are killed. The Blob wins in addition to any other teams that might win.

The players the Blob must keep alive are always relative to the location of the Blob card at the end of the game.

The Blob is on its own team.


The Mortician wakes up and may look at the cards of one, both, or none of his neighbors (based on what the app tells him to do).

The Mortician needs more business, and on top of that he's really lazy, so he wins if at least one of his neighbors (the players directly adjacent to him) dies. The Mortician wins in addition to any other teams that might win.

The Mortician is on his own team.

Doppelganger & Alien

When playing with the Doppelganger (from the original One Night Ultimate Werewolf game), please note the following rules:

Oracle: The Doppelganger-Oracle wakes up after the Oracle and answers another question.

Alien: The Doppelganger-Alien wakes up with the other aliens.

Synthetic: The Doppelganger-Synthetic wakes up with the Aliens, and wins if she dies.

Cow: The Doppelganger-Cow puts out her fist just like the low (both put their fists out at the same time), and if an alien is sitting next to the Doppelganger-Cow, one of them must tap her.

Groob or Zerb: The Doppelganger-Groob or Doppelganqer-Zerb wakes up with the aliens, and also with Groob and Zerb.

While she must kill her frenemy (Groob if she is Zerb, and Zerb if she is Groob) to win, the real Groob and Zerb may win by killing her if she is the Doppelganger of their target. The Leader only wins if Zerb, Groob, and the Doppelganger of either are alive at the end of the game.

Leader: The Doppelganger-Leader wakes up after the Leader and sees who the aliens are.

Psychic: The Doppelganger-Psychic wakes up after the Psychic and may look at cards based on what the app tells her.

Rascal: The Doppelganger-Rascal wakes up after the Rascal and may move cards based on what the app tells her.

Exposer: The Doppelganger-Exposer wakes up after the Exposer and may expose one or two additional cards based on what the app tells her.

Blob: The Doppelganger-Blob absorbs players in the same manner as the Blob (but it is a different set of players, based on the Doppelganger-Blob's location).

Mortician: The Doppelganger-Mortician wakes up after the Mortician and wins if one of her neighbors dies.

Epic battles: aliens vs. villagers vs. werewolves vs. vampires

You can have Aliens, Villagers, Werewolves (from One Night and Daybreak), and Vampires (from Vampire) in the same game.

If three or more of these groups are in the game and active (i.e. actually in front of at least one player, not just in the center card group), at least two players will be killed during the vote: the player with the most votes and the player with the second-most votes (in this case one vote counts if it is the second-highest number).

If there is a tie for most votes, only those tied for the most votes are killed. If there isn't a tie for the most votes, and there is a tie for second-most votes, the person with the most votes is killed and those with the second-most votes are also killed.

If it is determined that only two of these groups are in play (because the other cards were in the center), then only the player(s) with the most votes (as long as they have at least two) are killed. Both win conditions below must be fulfilled for each team to win:

Win condition 1Win condition 2
Alien TeamAt least 1 Werewolf or 1 Vampire must be killed.No Aliens may be killed.
Vampire TeamAt least 1 Werewolf or 1 Alien must be killed.No Vampires may be killed.
Villager TeamAt least 1 player from two different teams must be killed.At least 1 player from two different teams must be killed.
Werewolf TeamAt least 1 Vampire or 1 Alien must be killed.No Werewolves may be killed.

When four teams are in play, more than one team can win. For instance, if a Villager and a Vampire are killed, both the alien team and the werewolf team win.

Colluding with another team to try to get the numbers is encouraged, but it might just out you and result in your team losing!

All other teams retain their original win conditions.

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