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  • 200 Business Cards
  • 180 Jobs on 90 Cards
  • 10 Human Resources Cards
  • 60 $10 Tokens
  • Die

Object of the Game

Convince clients to "hire" you for the odd, silly and nonsensical jobs so you can be the player with the biggest paycheck at the end of the game!


  • Place the three different Card types in three separate piles, face down.

  • Put the Tokens in a neat pile in the center of the play area so each player can reach them.

  • Each player draws five Business Cards from the pile. Keep them in your hand or face down so that other players cannot see them.

  • Decide how many rounds you will play (one round = each player having a turn to read a Job Card). For larger groups, you may want to do one or two rounds. For smaller groups, try two or three rounds.

Game Play

The Client

The owner of the game will be the first Client and rolls the Die. If a 6 is rolled, choose a Human Resources Card and read it aloud, following its instructions.

When a 1-5 is rolled, take a Job Card from the pile, flip it over, and read it aloud to the other players, inserting the corresponding numbered word into the sentence.

The number rolled also tells you how much will be awarded to the player who wins the job:

  • 1 = $10 (one Token)
  • 2 = $20 (two Tokens)
  • 3 = $30 (three Tokens)
  • 4 = $40 (four Tokens)
  • 5 = $50 (five Tokens)

Applying for the Job

Each of the other players chooses one of the Business Cards from their hand to try to get hired for the job just read aloud. Your Business Cards may not be a perfect match, but it's all in what you say and how you "sell" it to convince the Client to hire you.

Starting with the player to the right of the Client, read your chosen Business Card aloud. You may stop there if you're unsure of how to sell it. Or, you may make a brief argument or sales pitch about why you are the best person for the job.

After hearing all of the pitches, the Client chooses who to hire and that player takes the correct number of $10 Tokens from the pile.

If you were hired for the job, you put that Business Card at the bottom of the pile and choose another to add to your hand.

Keep your Tokens near you; the goal is to earn more than everyone else! All other players keep their Business Cards for the next round.

The player to the right of the Client is the new Client who reads a new Job Card, and play continues.

End of the Game

After the agreed-upon number of rounds, the player with the most Tokens (and therefore, the biggest "paycheck") is the big winner!

Take a break and enjoy "retirement" for a bit, or play a new game and try to win again!


If you are playing with a large number of people, or some people are less confident in making sales pitches, you can play in pairs as a team.

Sample Play

  • Jen, the Client, picks up a Card and rolls the Die. She rolls a five, so she reads the Card using word #5 to fill in the blank: "I need someone to sniff my spouse's back hair. Can you help?"

  • Mary, using one of her Business Cards, "applies" for the job: "I'm Petunia Planter, Gardener, and 'all of my fingers are green!'

    Because I work in gardens with tons of flowers, I have a very fine-tuned nose and can detect scents like nobody's business. I can sniff your spouse's back hair and tell you anything you need to know about it . My nose knows all".

  • Ryan then uses one of his Business Cards to try for the job: "Petunia may be good at smelling things, but she mostly smells nice flowers. I'm Precious Lodes, School Bus Driver, and I smell all kinds of good and bad smells on my bus full of kids!

    PB & J sandwiches, body odor, vomit, you name it. So I am very prepared for whatever your spouse's back hair smells like, gross or not. Nothing will keep me from getting the job done".

  • Now it's Tate's turn: "I'm E. Z. Tapps, App Developer, and I spend my days at a computer in a sterile office environment, smelling virtually nothing. My nose is a clean slate.

    Nothing has tainted it and so it's ready for any job and will be unbiased about what it senses. Just point me to your spouse's back hair and let me at it!"

  • Jen, laughing, decides to hire Ryan and gives him $50 (five Tokens) as payment since she rolled a five to start. Now, the player to her right is the new Client and the fun continues!

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