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Rating: 4.3 Passable
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-0 players
Playing time: 0 minutes

Created by: Brian Turtle, Design Edge

Published by: Endless Games (I)


Can you name the five Great Lakes in 30 seconds? Sure, but can you name five things you shouldn't say to your boss? That's the idea behind this quick-thinking team trivia game.

When it's your team's turn, roll the die and move your pawn that many spaces. You'll then draw a card and you and your teammates will try to name 5 things that fit a category within 30 seconds. If you can, you get another turn. If not, it'll be your opponents' turn.

Most of the spaces on the board are solid colors, which determine what category is in play. For example, if you land on a red space, you play the red category. However, there are four kinds of special spaces:

All Play (both teams get a different category, and the first team to name 5 things in their category rolls the die and takes the next turn), Flip Flop (teams alternate giving answers until someone can't think of another), Wild (your team gets their choice of the five categories on the card) and Double Down (you have to pick two of the 5 categories and name five things in both those categories, all in 30 seconds).

When you reach the big Name 5 space in the center of the board (which you have to do by exact count), you'll have the chance to win the game. You and your team will have 90 seconds to name 5 things in each of the 5 categories on the card.

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