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  • 20 Monster card
  • 1 Closet card
  • 10 Toy tiles
  • 2 Expert tiles
  • 3 Progression cards
  • 1 rules booklet


  • Shuffle the Monster cards in a pile, child side up (the monsters are hidden). Use 10 cards for a short game, 15 cards for a medium length game and all 20 cards for a long game. Unused cards are put back in the box.

  • Without looking at them, place the 10 Toy tiles face down around the bed, making sure that there is enough space for manipulation.

  • Assemble the monster with the 3 Progression cards, blue side up.

  • Place the Closet card about 6 inches from the bed.

  • Reveal a Monster card and place it above the bed (North). See figure 1.

  • Do not use the 2 Expert tiles for your first game.

Game Play

Each player takes his turn in clockwise order. The player least afraid of monsters starts. The players try to find a toy that will scare the monsters away.

Each monster is only afraid of one specific toy, illustrated in the top right corner of the Monster card.

On your turn, flip a Toy tile and one of two things happens:

  1. If the toy can scare away one of the monsters found around the bed:

    • You say "Back into the closet, you monster!" and place the Monster card under the Closet card.

    • If you get rid of the last monster around the bed, a new monster comes out! Reveal a new monster and place it next to the bed.

    • Flip the toy face down and your turn ends.

  2. If the toy doesn't scare away any of the monsters (it is not on any of the revealed Monster cards):

    • Flip ONE of the Progression cards (from left to right). After three failed attempts, add a new monster around the bed. Reveal a new monster and place it in an OPEN spot near the bed: north, south, east or west.

    • Flip the Toy tile face down and your turn is over.

In short, each time a player is wrong, he must flip a Progression card. After three failed attempts, once all the Progression cards are the same color (all blue or all red), you add one new monster around the bed.

End of the Game

The players win if they succeed in sending every single monster in the closet!

The monsters win if they occupy all four spaces around the bed. They also win if you have to reveal a Monster card (because the third Progression card is flipped) and the monster pile is empty.

If the monsters win, the best thing to do is to play another game to get back at them.


Here are some variants to adapt the gameplay to different difficulty levels more difficult or less difficult .

Expert Hunters

The Expert tiles are colored blue. We recommend that you integrate them only when you have mastered the basic game. If you feel brave enough, here is how you integrate them.

At the beginning of the game, place them with the other tiles without looking at them. During the game, the first time you flip one over, it has no effect. You set it face down WITHOUT flipping a Progression card.

The next time you flip over one of the special tiles (the one you saw or the other one), apply the appropriate effect:

  1. The sock

    The sock does not scare any monsters away and makes a mess in the bedroom!

    Put it face down and swap it with another face-down tile. As usual, flip a Progression card.

  2. The monster hidden under a bed sheet

    All the Progression cards required to make a new monster appear are flipped and a monster immediately comes out from under the bed.

"Monsters in a pack" Variant

The monsters form a pack. The more monsters there are, the harder they are to scare away! If several monsters are around the bed, they must all be eliminated at the same time.

When you turn a tile that scares a monster away, you leave it face up and must find all the necessary toys to chase the other monsters that are around the bed.

If you make a mistake, you set the Toy tiles face down, no monsters go into the closet, and, as usual, a Progression card is flipped over.

Fearless Hunters Variant

Before the first turn, place every Toy tile face up for 10 seconds so everyone can see them and then flip them back face down.

Remove the middle Progression card, leaving only the two end cards.

Now, a new monster card appears after only two failed attempts instead of three!

Easy Game for Younger Players

Play with the same rules but do not use the Progression cards. This implies that there can only be one monster on the table at any time... You can't lose!

A new monster only appears when you send the one that is around the bed into the closet.

Competitive Variant

When the player flips the right toy, he keeps the monster card instead of sending it into the closet. At the end of the game, the player with the most cards wins.

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