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Rating: 7.1 Good
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 45-56 minutes

Official Site: Monolith Arena Official Website

Created by: Michał Oracz, Jakub Fajtanowski, Ewa Kostorz, Aleksandar Mihajlovic, Rafał Szyma

Published by: Portal Games, Pegasus Spiele


Wage war against opponents on a hexagonal board.

Prepare your armies to face off on the battlefield and surprise your enemy with your choice of special abilities!

Monolith Arena is a fantasy battleground board game built around the base engine of Neuroshima Hex, which is also from designer Michał Oracz.

The game includes four factions, with unique abilities and units! Each player has a monolith that serves as their headquarters, and each player seeds their monolith with three tokens that provide special abilities.

When an opponent damages your monolith, you remove the top layer to expose the first token, gaining its special ability, so being attacked can actually make you stronger - albeit while still moving you toward defeat...

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Monolith Arena: Academics

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The primeval Monoliths, older than the oldest chronicles and songs. These holy stones' thirst for the blood of warriors is never quenched.

Whenever the blood-red comet adorns the sky, the greatest warriors from the distant corners of the world gather to fight in the deadly olympics. Whoever you are, however far you've traveled, you are free to join the competition with your team and challenge the champions of the arena.

Win for glory, for your leaders and gods, or for the power of the Monolith itself - or relinquish your place to someone better! …

Tile Descriptions

here are four basic faction decks in the game. Each deck consists of 35 tiles which are marked appropriately on their back to indicate which faction they belong to.

Unless otherwise specified, tiles affect all types of Board tiles (Banners, Champions, Runes) when used.

Unlike Order tiles, Board tiles have numerous icons which provide information regarding the characteristics of a particular tile, such as:


Most Champion tiles are marked with a symbol indicating its Initiative in the game. The higher the Initiative, the earlier in each Battle a given tile will attack. …

Participants of the bloody games have been studying the secrets of the Monolith for years, constantly preparing for the next clash. Secret passages and traps, ancient spells linked to the stone segments, and the dangers of the hollowed tunnels - all highly guarded knowledge of each faction.

Adding to this are the constant innovations, strategies, and ploys of your enemies. You will soon come to realize just how dynamic, and dangerous, the Monolith Arena is.

After becoming familiar with the basic rules and using each faction in battle, the time has come to introduce the Monoliths to the game. …

Dragon Empire

The Dragon Empire is the most prominent among all human kingdoms. Its best warriors fight in the arena united under one banner, with the Emperor's name on their lips. They spill blood for him.

They don't hesitate to give their lives for him. Under his rule the engineers developed the secrets of gunpowder, terrifying for those ignorant of its power.

Under his command powerful magic is bound by ancient spells, and dragons are brought under submission. Each win and each defeat - it's all in the name of the Emperor. …

Team Mode (2 vs 2 Players)

This is a duel between two teams, each consisting of two players. Here is a list of changes to the rules:

When setting up the game, players are divided randomly or by choice into two teams.

Each player gets the appropriate Alliance tile, and each team has a special marker for the Hit Points of the team Banners.

Order of Play

When determining the order, make sure that players of the same team do not follow each other. …

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