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Rating: 9.2 Excellent
Players: 2-5 players
Playing time: 30-12 minutes

Created by: Magdalena Śliwińska, Magdalena Śliwińska

Published by: (Unpublished)

Alternate Names: Minerały


There are still a lot of mysterious things that we have to learn, especially when it comes to rocks and minerals. An exciting journey to unravel natural pieces of art hidden deeply under the world's surface awaits! Are you ready for it?

In Minerals, players move around the board that they've created during set-up while gathering different types of titled minerals.

Depending on their pick, they receive for those a specified number of victory points along with the same amount of movement points. The set-collection aspect of the game allows them to gather even more points. Sometimes they use their valuable minerals to activate action cards to make even more strategic movements.

The game board is being depleted all the time, which means that players should plan their moves since this will limit their choices every turn while bringing them closer to the end of the game.

Their goal is to gather the minerals of the highest values and gain as many points as possible!

Magdalena Śliwińska is both the designer of a fantastic artwork as well as the mechanisms of this game.

She's a graduate of an Art Academy in Katowice, which is why Minerals is both excellent as a board game as well as a piece of art.

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