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Mermaid Island is a cooperative game, meaning all players work together for one outcome-everyone wins or loses together.

Sometimes in a cooperative game, a player might choose to do something that will help the next player on her next move. That's working together and it's very generous- like sharing!


  • 1 Game Board
  • 4 Wands
  • 1 Sea Witch With Stand
  • 1 Spinner
  • 3 Mermaids

Object of the Game

The Mermaids are on their way back to Mermaid Island after a day out visiting friends in the sea. The Sea Witch has spotted them and wants to get to the island first in order to claim it as her own.

The object of the game is for all players to work together to help all three Mermaids get back to Mermaid Island before the Sea Witch gets there.


Open the board and lay it on a table or flat surface. Place all three Mermaids on the Start area. Place the Sea Witch in Seaweed Tangle. Place the Wands on the spaces with wands on them. Place the spinner nearby.

Game Elements


They swim (move) ahead one or two spaces. Mermaids never move backwards.

Sea Witch

Sea witch moves forward one space only each time the spinner lands on a Sea Witch. If the Sea Witch lands on a space with a Mermaid, that Mermaid goes back to Start.


A Wand moves the Sea Witch back one space. Players decide together when they want to use the Wand. Players can use Wands whenever they want and as many at a time as they want. A Wand that has been used is set aside not to be used again.


A Mermaid crosses the bridge when she lands exactly on the space at one end of the bridge. She does not wait to cross the bridge, but crosses it on that turn. The Sea Witch never crosses the bridge. She always goes the long way around.

Game Play

The player whose birthday is coming up next goes first. Play continues clockwise. To start, player 1 spins the spinner. Each player makes one spin on her turn.

If the spinner lands on a one or two move ANY Mermaid forward one or two spaces. Mermaids can land on other spaces where Mermaids are treading, but Mermaids cannot land on a space with the Sea Witch.

If a Mermaid lands on a space with the Sea Witch she must go back to Start. If a Mermaid lands exactly on a space leading to a bridge, she crosses the bridge to the space on the other side on that turn.

If the Sea Witch is in the space on the other side of the bridge, the Mermaid would not want to take the bridge.

If the spinner lands on a Sea Witch, the player must move the Sea Witch forward one space. Don't worry-she moves slowly!

If the Sea Witch lands on a space with a Mermaid, the Mermaid immediately goes back to Start.

A Wand is picked up by landing on it. Mermaids or the Sea Witch must pick up Wands as they land on them. A Wand picked up by a Mermaid is set off to the side of the board to be used by all the players.

If the Sea Witch picks up a Wand, it is hers to keep and cannot be used in the game. The Sea Witch never uses the Wand. She just keeps it from the Mermaids.

Players decide together when to use a Wand. They can use a Wand at any time. Using a Wand does not replace a turn.

End of the Game

Get all three Mermaids to Mermaid Island before the Sea Witch gets there and you all win!

  • Don't leave Mermaids behind. Help all the Mermaids stay on track and swim as quickly as they can to Mermaid Island.

  • Do work together as a team to decide when to use the Wands.

  • Do use bridges whenever you can.

  • Always cooperate and have fun!

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