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The player who takes on the role of the Godfather will pass their precious cigar box from player to player, tach player will take that chance to steal some of the diamonds or a character token it contains. The Godfather will interrogate them afterwards to identify the Thieves and recover the diamonds.


  • 15 diamonds (made of genuine plastic)
  • 10 character tokens: 5 Loyal Henchmen, 2 Agents FBI, and CIA), 2 Drivers. 1 Cleaner.
  • 2 joker tokens (bottle-shaped)
  • 1 game box
  • 1 felt bag
  • Instructions


The most experienced player becomes the Godfather. They place the 15 diamonds and the character tokens indicated below in the box. The available jokers are to be placed in front of them.

Number of players6789101112
Loyal Henchmen1234445
Agents (FBI/CIA)1111222

  • The Godfather chooses to secretly remove 0 - 5 diamonds from the box and keeps them hidden in their pocket. There are therefore between 10 and 15 diamonds in the box.

  • The felt bag is entrusted to the first player to the left of the Godfather.

  • The remaining contents are removed from the game area.

Game Play

The game is divided into two phases: the Diamond Theft and the Investigation.

I. Diamond Theft

During the "Diamond Theft", the box is passed around the table clockwise, player to player, starting with the first player, tach player, when they receive the box, must examine the contents (1), help themselves (2), and then pass the box along (3).

  1. The player opens the box then memorizes the number of diamonds and the remaining character tokens. This information is critical to accurately testify or lie believably!

  2. The player MUST take, discreetly: as many diamonds as they wish (I minimum) OD I character token of their choice.

    The player keeps their "take" hidden in their pocket (or their hand, or bag..).. Of course, they can't reveal their "take" before the Godfather demands it.

    It's forbidden to take nothing.


    • The first player can secretly dismiss a character token of their choice into the felt bag and hide it in their pocket until the end of the game. The players then help themselves normally. It is forbidden to place diamonds in the bag.

    • Each player who gets a totally empty box automatically becomes a "Street Orchin". They treat it as if it wasn't empty and pretend to help themselves.

    • The last player can decide to not take anything in order to become a Street Orchin. However, they must still pretend to take something.

    Note: At any moment during the game, if a player has not respected the requirement to help themselves, in the permitted quantities, that player will be eliminated immediately. An eliminated player cannot speak nor participate in the investigation.

  3. Once their share is hidden, the player passes the box to the player to their left.

II. Investigation

The Godfather recovers the box. checks its contents, and then freely interrogates the players, in the order of their preference, to recover the stolen diamonds. These players are free to be truthful or to lie, keep quiet, talk without being interrogated...

Note: the Godfather's success is ensured if all of the players have stolen diamonds.

Good questions to ask?
  • "When you received the box. how many diamonds were in it?"
  • "When you received the box, which character tokens were in it?"
  • "When you passed the box along, what was left in it?"
  • "What did you take?"

The Godfather must vary the questions from one player to the next, resume the debates and spot the reliable people from among the contradictions!

The game is much more amusing and interesting when the player acts out the Godfather's character in a believable manner.

When the Godfather believes they have found a Thief, they must accuse them by ordering them to: "empty your pockets!". This is the only valid way to force a player to immediately disclose his take.

If the player has stolen any diamonds. the diamonds are placed in front of the Godfather.

The Thief is eliminated, and can therefore no longer talk! The Godfather continues the investigation until they have recovered all of their diamonds.

if the player hasn't stolen any diamond, the Godfather has made a mistake! As an apology, the Godfather must give a Joker to the unjustly accused player. That player isn't eliminated and the investigation continues normally.

If the Godfather no longer has any Jokers left to give during an unjust accusation, the Godfather is eliminated and the investigation immediately ends.

If the accused player is on FBI or CIA Agent, the investigation ends and the Agent wins the game. As the Agents are incorruptible, the Godfather can't give them any Jokers!

In case of an error?

If a player makes a mistake while helping themselves, in all cases they are eliminated. If the mistake is revealed when the player is accused, the Godfather doesn't give them a Joker. The investigation continues normally.

The Characters

The Godfather:

They've sacrificed much to become the leader of this family. And they intend to stay there!

The Godfather wins if they recover all of their diamonds. They referee the debates, make sure everyone has their say, and demand respect from their men!

Note: The Godfather mu*t only accuse the Thieve* to avoid losing their Joker* and being eliminated.

The Thief

Alright, oil of the members of the family ore dishonest, but stealing from the Godfather is very dangerous: the justice of Pon Alessandro is swift and merciless.

If the Godfather is eliminated, the Thief who is still in play with the greatest number of diamonds is declared the winner. In case of a tie. the tied Thieves will share in the victory.

The Loyal Henchmen

Their loyalty to the Godfather will secure them a reasonable income. These Loyal Henchmen will win if the Godfather recovers all of the diamonds.

They must convince the Godfather that they are telling the truth and help find the culprits.

The Fbi Agent - The Cia Agent

Being an undercover Agent for months, they take advantage of the discord among the family members, they are only waiting for a sign to alert their colleagues and end this.

The Agent immediately wins if they are accused by the Godfather. If two Agents are present, the accused one wins alone.

The Driver

Their goal is to protect their passengers even though they are not always aware of their intentions.

The Driver wins if the player to their right triumphs.

The Street Urchin

He is an apprentice gangster and helps the Thieves by attracting the suspicions on themselves.

The Street Urchin wins if a Thief wins. They must, therefore, help the Thieves - by being unjustly accused, for example.

Note: a player becomes a Street Urchin if he receives an empty box or if he is the last player and decides to take nothing.

The Cleaner

He performs the dirty work of the family and is very trigger-happy...

Set up: this character replaces a Loyal Henchman token. We suggest that you avoid using the Cleaner during the first few games.

The Cleaner acts like a Loyal Henchman, however, they use their "special": kill when the Godfather says "empty your pockets!" to someone, the Cleaner can shout "POW!" before the accused reveals their take. If the accused is an Agent, the Cleaner immediately win alone.

If they aren't an Aqent, the cleaner and their victim are eliminated. If the accused was a Thief, the Godfather retrieves the diamonds; and if it was a character, the Godfather doesn't give them a Joker.

End of the Game

If the Godfather recovers all of their stolen diamonds, they will share the victory with their Loyal Henchmen. If the Godfather has accused an FBI or CIA Agent, the Agent wins the game alone.

If the Godfather is eliminated, the Thieves still in play reveal their take. The Thief who has stolen the most diamonds wins, as well as all of the Street Urchins.

The Driver wins if the player to their right is one of the winners.

The winners choose a new Godfather to begin a new investigation.

Vary The Games

We recommend that players change places between games.

Very experienced players can change the distribution of characters while following the number of tokens initially identified and while keeping enough loyal Henchmen.

It's possible to change the difficulty of a game by changing the number of Jokers available, if you are playing with kids, for example. Adding Jokers makes the investigation easier for the Godfather: by removing them it improves the chance of victory for the Thieves.

A "5 player" version is possible, however, it is highly discouraged for your first few games. It wilt require a good knowledge of the game to take full advantage.

The two character tokens to be used are the loyal Henchmen and the FBI or CIA Agents; the Godfather has no Jokers in this version.

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