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These actions make sense in the first round:

  • "Shrine": If 2 of your Novices are on the Isle with the Master Builder, consider spending a Shrine favor token and build a Shrine there. You may need to take the "Favor" action first to acquire that token.

  • "Promotion": You may wish to place a Novice on a Temple tile and move it into the Temple with your next action (Sanctification).

  • "recruit": Consider recruiting additional Novices - the more you have, the more options you will have on future rounds.

  • "Favor": Collect some favor tokens.

  • "Tide": Use a Tidal favor token (if available) and prepare your inactive Novices for the next round. For instance, place them next to the Isle with your starting Shrine to make use of it next round, or place them, where the Master Builder and Moon Priestess will be next round.

  • "Journey": If you have no Tidal favor token, move some of your active Novices to prepare for the next round.

  • "Council of Priests": As the start player, you may wish to move forward in the Council of Priests in order to break ties, e.g. on the Isle with the Moon Priestess to get more influence.

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