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  • 48 Player Cards (4 sets of 12)
  • 12 Find-It Cards
  • 1 Color Die
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Match pictures on your Player cards with the pictures on the Find-It cards. If you're the first to play a match, you get keep the Find-It card. The player who collects the most Find-It cards wins.


Sort all the cards into five separate piles based on the card back colors. The four sets of solid color backed cards are the Player cards. Every player should choose a set and hold it in their hands.

The cards are identical on the front so it doesn't matter which you choose! Place any unused sets off to the side.

The multi-color set is the Find-It deck. Stack the Find-It deck face down in the center of the playing area and give the color die to the youngest player.

Game Play

On your turn, turn over the top Find-It card and place it face up beside the stack. Then roll the color die.

Now, quick, lickety-split, try to be the first to...

  1. Match the color on the die with the frame color of a picture on the Find-It card.
  2. Shuffle through your cards and find the one with the matching picture to the one in the frame...
  3. Play that card face up on the playing surface.

The first person to play a card with the matching picture face up on the playing area wins the Find-It card and adds it to her "Found-It" pile off to the side.

In this example, you must find a frog on one of your cards.

All players take any played Player cards and put them back in their hands. (Start each round with a full set of 12 Player cards). When everyone is ready, the winner turns over the top Find-It card and rolls the die to start the next round.


If more than one player puts down a matching card at the same time, go to a tiebreaker round: The person who just rolled the die rolls again, and the players who tied now race to make a new match.

If the same color as before comes up, roll until you hit a new color. The winner of the tiebreaker round gets the Find-It card.

End of the Game

When the last Find-It card has been claimed, all players count up their Find-It cards. Whoever has the most wins.

For Younger Players

Instead of holding the Player cards in your hands, lay them out faceup in front of you in two rows of six. When you find a match, slap the card and yell out, "Found It!"

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