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  • 288 KWIRKY Cards
  • KWIRKY Die
  • Sand Timer
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

To win the most cards in the time allowed by:

  1. giving answers that other players cannot challenge successfully;

  2. making successful challenges to other players' answers and winning their cards.

The questions are deceptively simple, so children may respond as easily as adults. However, it takes time to deal with some questions, and time slips by quickly in this game.

If you don't know the answer, you can always try to convince the others that you do. Quick wit and cheeky confidence are at least as important as knowledge in this game where all the answers are up for grabs.

Game Play

Decide how long the game will last. We suggest thirty minutes, but play for as long as you choose; however, make sure every player has equal turns being the Questioner.

The oldest player takes the KWIRKY box and becomes the first Questioner, and the person to his/her left becomes the Answerer. The Answerer begins by rolling the KWIRKY die and noting the number that's rolled.

During this turn, the Questioner will ask only that numbered question on each card.

The timer is turned. As Answerer you have about 45 seconds to attempt as many questions as you can during your turn. There are no solutions to the questions on the cards - all responses are accepted as correct unless they are challenged by one of the other players.

There may be some questions that you don't know the answer to but it is worth guessing or bluffing - you could get away with it if none of the other players know the answer themselves!

Once you answer a question you will be handed the card and a new question will be asked, unless you are challenged by another player. If there is a challenge, the Questioner will hand over the card to the first player who made the challenge.

This means the card is 'on hold'. Don't debate challenges at this stage - get ready for the next question - all challenges will be reviewed at the end of the current turn.

If there is a question you can't or don't wish to answer during your turn, you can instead take a chance and roll the KWIRKY die.

If the die rolls to the number that corresponds with the question number you are answering, you WIN the card without having to answer the question. If the die rolls to a different number you will LOSE the card to another player.

However, as Answerer you decide which player will win the card you have lost. Be careful who you give it to, as they will get the card without having to answer the question. Whatever the result of your throw, get ready for the next question.


Any player not answering questions (including the Questioner) is free to challenge any answer s/he believes is wrong. To do this, call "Challenge!" as soon as possible after the answer and before the next question is asked. If you are first with the challenge, you will be given the card to hold until the end of the turn.

When the turn ends, any challenges are reviewed in the order they were made. As Challenger, you must clearly say why you think the answer was wrong. If you don't have a valid reason for your challenge, it will be judged incorrect.

If your challenge is judged correct, you keep the disputed card AND steal another card from the player who was challenged. If your challenge is judged incorrect, the Answerer will keep the disputed card AND steal one of your cards.

If the player who loses a challenge does not have any cards left to steal, the player who won the challenge may steal a card from the KWIRKY box.

If the Answerer and the Challenger cannot agree between themselves, all players not involved in the challenge must act as jury. Both players have to accept their decision.

If the jury is equally split then the card is lost to both players and returned to the KWIRKY box.

Speed Bonus

KWIRKY is best played fast. As an incentive, any Questioner who manages to ask more than five questions in a turn may keep the next card for free at the end of the turn.

End of the Game

Play continues as described above, with the same Questioner, until all other players have had their turn as Answerer, then the KWIRKY box is moved to the left and that player becomes Questioner for the next round.

Play ends when the game time you agreed is complete and each player has had equal turns at being the Questioner. Any outstanding challenges at this point should be reviewed before the final count is made.

At the end of the game the player with the most KWIRKY cards is the winner.

If there is a tie, there must be a tie break. Any player not involved in the tie break can act as Questioner - pick the next card from the box, roll the KWIRKY die, and ask the question corresponding to that number.

The first person to call out the answer will win the game. If that answer is challenged, the players who are not competing in the tie break will decide if the challenge is successful or not. In that case, the player who successfully wins the challenge will win the game.

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