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  • 12 Wooden Polycubes (different shapes)
  • 12 Wooden Scoring Tiles
  • 12 Small Wooden Balance Cubes
  • 1 Wooden Base
  • Illustrated Instructions


Place the Base in the center of the table. Separate and place the Polycubes, Scoring Tiles, and Balance Cubes off to the side of the play area.

Game Play

Players take alternating turns. One turn consists of the following actions:

  1. Place one Polycube on the Base. Adhere to Placement Rules when you place the Polycube.

  2. Place one Balance Cube on any Polycube already on the Base.

  3. Score for the Polycube placed by taking the corresponding Scoring Tile. Each Polycube is made up of two or more smaller cubes. The size of the Polycube determines its value. For example: a Polycube of five smaller cubes is worth five points

Polycubes and Scoring Tiles

Placement Rules

  • The Base is a layout of eight squares around a center square. Envision this as a tower (with walls you'll be building) around a center "chimney". The chimney can never be blocked.

  • Polycubes must only be placed within the eight squares.

  • No part of the Polycube may be positioned so that it is on or overhanging the center square.

  • Polycubes may not be placed on a Balance Cube.

  • Polycubes may overhang a Balance Cube, as long as they aren't directly touching.

  • Balance Cubes may be placed on any of the Polycubes already placed. Placement is not limited to the Polycube placed by the player on their turn.

  • Balance Cubes may not be placed on another Balance Cube nor under a Polycube.

  • The placed Balance Cube may not extend over the edges of the Polycube it is placed on.

  • When choosing a Polycube from the stack, you must keep your choice once you have touched it.

  • Players may never touch or rearrange the Base or the tower being built.

  • 5 seconds after a player finishes a trun, the responsibility for keeping the tower standing shifts to the next player.

After you've successfully placed a Polycube and a Balance Cube, take the Scoring Tile that corresponds to the Polycube.

End of the Game

The game consists of three rounds.

A round ends when:

  1. A player causes the tower to topple over, Or

  2. All the available Polycubes have been placed.

If the tower s falls during your turn, you lose your points for that round. After three rounds have been played, the player with the highest total score wins the game.

Kozo Game Variants

The following games add another level of difficulty to the standard game of Kozo. Try one or a combination of both of these variants.

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