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  • 288 Question Cards
  • Game Tray
  • 2 Pawns
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Answer three levels of team trivia to be the first team to reach the Winner Space. Everyone on that team is a big Know-It-All!


Put the Game Tray in the center of the playing area. Place the three stacks of Cards on their proper places on the Game Tray.

Divide into two teams. It's okay if one team has an extra player. Place both Pawns on Start.

The Cards

Each Card has multiple answers, and the color indicates how many correct answers there are:

  • No Sweat (yellow): 3 or 4 answers

  • Breaking a Sweat (purple): 5 or 6 answers

  • Cold Sweat (blue): 7 or more answers

Game Play

  • The team with the player who owns the game goes first, and the oldest player on each team is the captain for the first round.

  • A player from the opposing team draws a Card matching the color of the space occupied by the guessing team's Pawn. The first space is yellow, so the top yellow No Sweat Card is picked.

  • The reader says the subject at the top of the Card. For example, it might say: 4 months with exactly 30 days.

  • The guessing team's captain now picks the order in which teammates, including the captain, will answer.

  • Each teammate may give only one answer at a time.

  • The first teammate chosen answers first; the second teammate answers second; and so on. If you need four answers and have only three teammates, the first person will answer again after other teammates have taken their turns.

  • On your turn to answer, you'll either Know It or Blow It! If you know a correct answer, just shout it out. If you're right, the next teammate answers. If you don't know it, you have two options:

    • You can guess. But if you're wrong, the opposing team will yell "You Blew It!" and your team gets ZERO points for that round.

    • You can say "Don't Know It!" That ends your team's turn, but your team still gets points for any previous correct answers. (See "Scoring")

  • When a player from the guessing team either says "Don't Know It!" or answers incorrectly, the opposing team has a chance to guess the remaining answers. The reader selects the order in which his or her teammates answer, and play continues with the same rules. So don't blow it for your team with an incorrect answer.

  • After the opposing team has finished answering, the round ends. That team now starts the next round.

  • Play continues with a different team captain for each round.

  • Some of the answers contain additional information in parentheses that isn't required for the answer to be correct. We included the extra details, so you could become a bigger Know-It-All!


Each correct answer is worth one point. Bonus points are awarded if the guessing team is a Know-It-All and correctly answers all questions. That team receives two extra points for being a Know-It-All!

After teams determine their scores, they move their Pawns ahead that number of spaces on the Game Tray.

Final Question Space

  • A team does not need the exact number to land on the Final Question Space, but it must stop there.

  • On the team's next turn, teammates must correctly identify all answers on a blue Cold Sweat card.

  • Instead of teammates answering individually in a specific order like they did before, everyone can participate!

  • If a wrong answer is given, the round is over and the other team takes its turn.

End of the Game

The team who successfully identifies all answers on a blue Cold Sweat card while on the Final Question Space moves ahead to the Winner Space. Each of you is a big Know-It-All!

Play Example

Team 1 has three players, and its Pawn is on yellow. A reader from Team 2 picks a yellow No Sweat Card. The subject: 4 months with exactly 30 days.

Team 1's captain, Beth, picks the order that teammates will answer. First, Dan; second, Beth; third, Mary. Dan answers: "September". Beth answers: "April". Mary answers: "November".

Now, it's Dan's turn again. If Dan says "June", Team 1 is a Know-It-All and moves ahead six spaces- four for correct answers and two bonus points for completing the card.

If Dan says "May", the opposing team yells: "You Blew It!" The team doesn't score any points. If Dan isn't positive about the correct answer and doesn't want to blow it, he'll say: "Don't Know It". The team then gets three points-one for each correct answer.

The reader then selects a player from Team 2 to guess the answer. If correct, the team gets one point.

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