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  • one kitty die
  • one action die
  • four bingo boards
  • 48 mice
  • instructions

Object of the Game

The first player to get bingo and shout "Top Cat!" wins the game.

Roll the dice and match the two pictures on the dice to one or more squares on your bingo board. Then mark that square with a mouse. Roll "Scat Cat" and you lose a mouse.

The first player to mark four squares in the corners or four squares in a row, in any direction, wins the game. It's a race to the finish, and the first to shout "Top Cat!" wins.


Pick a bingo board and pile the mice in the center of your play area, where everyone can "catch" them. Two players can use all four boards.

The first time you play, take a look at the dice.

Meet the kitties. Ginger is the sleek, black cat. Finny is spicy and striped. Sassy is all play and all gray. And Meatloaf is a big bundle of brown spots.

Check out the pictures on the action die so you'll know what to look for when you make a match. Those items in your matching square may not be exactly like the items on the die.

For instance, the kitty's dish on the die is orange, but on your board it could be blue, yellow, or green. That's okay a match is a match no matter what the color!

Then look over the bingo boards to see how one picture from the action die combines with one picture from the kitty die to match a square on the board.

Game Play

The youngest player goes first. She rolls the two dice together, then calls out the roll, saying for example, "Finny and the yarn".

All players look at their boards to see if they have a square that matches (in this case, the square would show Finny playing with a ball of yarn).

Each player who has a match marks that square with a mouse.

Some players may have two squares that match. They get to mark both squares with a mouse.

Some players may not have any matching squares. That's okay. Every bingo board is different. If you don't have a matching square this time, you will soon enough.

But... you've got to be quick as a cat to match the squares to the pictures created by the dice. Note: In all our rules, we use either "he" or "she" to include everyone!

As soon as the player calls out the roll, look over your board fast! Find the match and mark it before the next player rolls. If you don't catch it fast enough, you're out of luck. You can't go back and mark it later.

Each player rolls once on her turn, except when you roll a picture that's matched by a corner square in your board. Then you get to roll again!

The first player to roll passes the dice to the person on her left. The game then continues with play moving clockwise, to the left.

Kitty in Trouble

Some of these crazy cats are up to no good! When you roll any Kitty and "Trouble", all players look at their boards to see if they have a square with that feline misbehaving.

Each player who has it marks that square with a mouse. For example, if you roll Meatloaf and "Trouble", mark the square that shows Meatloaf hanging onto a birdcage!

Scat Cat

There's one kind of roll that only applies to the player who rolls it - that's "Scat Cat". Only the player who rolls "Scat Cat" has to take a penalty. Everyone else sits out.

Here's how it works: If you roll any kitty and "Scat Cat" you have to remove one mouse from any of your squares with that kitty in the picture.

For example, if you roll Sassy and "Scat Cat", you can remove the mouse from Sassy in bed or Sassy with the yarn... any Sassy square that's already marked on your board. Think before you choose.

If you don't have any Sassy squares marked with a mouse, you're off the hook, and avoid the penalty altogether.

The mouse you remove goes back to the pile in the center of the table and play continues.

End of the Game

The game continues until one player shouts "Top Cat!" To win, you mark the four squares in the corners or four squares in a row, in any direction on your board.

The first player to shout "Top Cat" wins the game!

These are some of the ways to win:

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