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Rating: 7.1 Good
Players: 2-2 players
Playing time: 30-51 minutes

Official Site: Kero Hurrican Games product sheet

Created by: Prospero Hall, Pierô

Published by: Hurrican


Kerosene - KERO - has become extremely scarce; your task is to find and stockpile this precious fuel. Two rival clans are struggling to survive, explore New Territories in search of untapped resources and improve their everyday lives.

Running out of fuel is always a risk when you leave camp in your tanker truck, especially as the other clan is never far away and vying for the same resources.

June 2471, and kerosene - KERO - is scarce. Two clans are struggling to survive, exploring New Territories in their tanker trucks. Running out of fuel is a risk each time they leave camp! Fortunately, a local tribe of Tuareks can lend a helping hand…

Kero is a two-player game set in a future unfriendly world, where players will be clan leaders - managing a camp, a tanker truck and 7 Explorers - competing for the same lands. Their ability to win the game will be based on how much kerosene (Jerrycans) they can find and how they use it wisely…

Collect as many resources as possible while using as little as possible of the KERO in your tanker-truck to upgrade your camp and claim New Territories! Score the more points (by adding up the points on cards and territories) and become the 2471 Badassest Clan!

The game is played in 3 rounds (ending when a Claim card is revealed), each comprising several turns. Making snap decisions and mistakes under time pressure is part of the game!

Five main steps in a player's turn:

  1. Fuel up with KERO (if necessary).

  2. Choose your dice and roll them.

  3. Collect resources shown on the dice and perform actions to upgrade your camp: take cards from the raw, take Tuarek tiles, send out Explorers on New Territories.

  4. Deal with Fire and discard any burnt cards accordingly to the results of your roll.

  5. Claim New Territories in which you have a majority at the end of a round.

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Kero: The Boss Variant

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