• 80 Navigation Cards
  • 6 Skipper Specialty Cards
  • 4 Warning Flare Tokens
  • 48 Passenger Tokens
  • 30 Lost & Found Tokens
  • 12 Outpost Tokens
  • 5 Tip Tokens
  • 4 Clue Tokens
  • 4 Dice
  • 4 Boat Movers
  • 4 Boat Placards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Race down the river to deliver Passengers and Cargo to the company Headquarters. You'll be paid for each one you deliver, but you'll receive greater rewards for:

  • Being the first to arrive
  • Carrying different types of Cargo
  • Delivering members of Alberta's selected family

After all the Tips at Headquarters have been taken, the player with the highest score wins!


  1. Unfold the game board and place it in the center of the play area, and place the game tokens:

    A Mix up the Lost & Found tokens and place them facedown in a pile to the side of the board.

    B Mix up the four Clue tokens. Place one Clue token facedown on each Clue space. Place the fourth on Headquarters.

    C Separate the Outpost tokens by Cargo type. Place one of each Cargo type facedown at each Outpost, for a total of three Outpost tokens per Outpost space.

    D Place the five Tip tokens faceup on Headquarters.

  2. Shuffle the Navigation cards and place them facedown to the side of the game board. Although each player gets their own boat, you'll be sharing the deck that's a nautical joke!

  3. Each player chooses a boat and takes that boat's mover and placard along with the twelve corresponding Passenger tokens as indicated on the token backs. Return any unused boats and Passengers to the box.

  4. Place your Passengers faceup on your Boat placard. You may arrange them however you like. There are four sections-port, starboard, center, and stern-and each section has three spaces. Each space can hold exactly one Passenger or Cargo token.

  5. Each player gets one Warning Flare token and one Skipper Specialty card. Set these faceup by your Boat placard. For your first game, give each player a random Skipper Specialty. In future games, each player may select their Skipper Specialty, starting with the youngest player and moving clockwise.

  6. All players place their Boat movers on the Starting Dock. The player who last told a joke takes the first turn-they're obviously ready to be a skipper!

Game Play

To skipper your boat to Headquarters, you must roll for your speed and then navigate the river to avoid animals, plants, and other perils. Each of these could frighten or lure Passengers away from your boat or cause your Cargo to go missing.

On your Turn

1. Rearrange your Boat

You may rearrange the Passengers and Cargo on your Boat placard. Only one Passenger or Cargo may be in each space; otherwise, it's up to you where to put each one. Don't let them give you any guff!

Tip: Put the Passengers and Cargo that you want to keep aboard in the center of your boat. They're safer there!

Example: Harper rearranges their boat to put the DeNyle family members in the center The port section is empty.

2. Roll for Speed

Roll the Speed die and move your boat forward to the number of spaces indicated on the die. If you come to a fork in the route, you may choose which way to go.

Shorter paths will get you to Headquarters faster, but you might miss out on some Clues or Outposts. You must stop if your route takes you to an Outpost or Clue space.

3. Navigate the River

No matter what speed you rolled, reveal four Navigation cards from the top of the deck. Read the jokes out loud; it's an important part of a Skipper's job. You encounter as many cards as your rolled speed, choosing which ones to avoid.

For example, if you rolled a 3, you'll choose three cards to encounter and one card to avoid. Place the cards you're avoiding into a faceup discard pile. If you rolled a 4, you must encounter all four cards.

If you stop at an Outpost or a Clue before traveling the full distance of the die, only encounter a number of cards equal to the spaces you moved.

Example: Harper rolled a 3. They flip four cards: Hippo Pod, Indo-Chinese Tiger, Pride of Lions, and Calm River. They choose to avoid the Hippos and discard that card. They then encounter the Indo-Chinese Tiger, Pride of Lions, and Calm River.

4. Encounters in the Jungle

Each Navigation card shows its Danger Rating as well as which section of the boat is nearest to it. The higher the Danger Rating, the more likely you are to drop your Cargo or lose your Passengers in the jungle.

In the order of your choice, encounter each Navigation card one at a time, rolling Peril dice equal to the Danger Rating. (For each %, roll one Peril die). If it's not dangerous at all, you won't roll any dice.

For each you roll, you must discard one Cargo or Passenger from the corresponding section of the boat, unless you choose to use your Warning Flare (see Warning Flares). If you rolled more than Passengers or Cargo you have in that section, ignore the extra .

Tip: Empty boat sections can encounter plenty of dangerous things without losing any Cargo or Passengers!

If you discarded any Cargo, it is lost in the jungle and removed from the game. Place the Cargo token back in the game box. If you discarded any Passengers, place them faceup next to the board.

These are "Lost Passengers". They'll wander around the jungle for a while and may turn up again later. You may not draw Lost & Found tokens until the start of your next turn.

After encountering all your Navigation cards, place them all faceup into the discard pile.

Example: Harper rolls three dice for the Indo-Chinese Tiger and gets two . They discard one Cargo from the Port section, removing it from the game.

They also remove one Passenger, placing it face up to the side of the board. Then Harper rolls two dice for the Pride of Lions and gets two .

They only have one Passenger in the Starboard section of the boat, so they place them to the side of the board. The last card they encounter isn't dangerous, so they don't need to roll. Harper places all three cards faceup into the discard pile.

Navigation Card

After you have resolved all encounters, depending on where your boat has ended up, something happens. If you ended your turn on...

  • Any regular space (not an Outpost or a Clue space): Pick up a Lost & Found token.
  • An Outpost: You may take one Outpost action.
  • A Clue space: Look at the Clue then return it to the Clue space face down.
  • Headquarters: Take one Tip.

Now it's the next player's turn. Play proceeds clockwise until the game ends.

Special Navigation Cards

When revealed, these horizontal cards must be encountered before other cards. Carry out the action on the card, then discard it.

If you draw multiple Special Navigation cards, you may choose the order in which you encounter them.

Warning Flares

Each player has one Warning Flare they may use to try to scare off a particularly dangerous encounter.

After you roll the dice, you may choose to use your Warning Flare to reroll all the dice showing the for that individual card. Flip over your Warning Flare token to indicate that it's been used, then reroll the dice.

Your new roll is final. Reload your Warning Flare at an Outpost (see Outposts).

Lost & Found Tokens

As you cruise along the river, you may come across lost Cargo or Passengers from other Jungle Navigation Company boats.

When you land on any space that is not an Outpost or Clue space, and you have an empty spot on your boat, pick up a Lost & Found token. If you flip the token and it shows:

  • Cargo: You may put that Cargo into an empty space on your boat.

  • Found Passenger: Remove the token from the game. Then, you may choose one Lost Passenger to put on your boat. If there are no Lost Passengers, the river led you on a wild goose chase. You didn't find any Passengers-or any geese!

Discarded Cargo is always removed the game. Discarded Passengers are always placed to the side of the board.


There are four Outposts on the way to Headquarters. If your route leads to an Outpost, you must land there. When landing at the Outpost, you must first encounter Navigation card.

Then, if you have used your Warning Flare, you automatically reload it by flipping over the token to show you may use it again.

Then, if you have an empty spot on your boat, you may choose one additional action to take:

  • Take one Cargo of your choice from that Outpost.

  • Take a Lost Passenger and put them on your boat.


One of the four families you are transporting to Headquarters has been selected by Alberta Falls as the caretakers of the Jungle Navigation Company.

Alberta has traveled along these rivers and through these jungles thousands of times, so you may run across some clues as to which family she's chosen- and which families she hasn't.

When you land on a Clue space, you must stop and first encounter Navigation cards. Look at the Clue without revealing it to anyone else. The clue will show you one of the families that Alberta has not selected to take over the company.

Because you will be rewarded handsomely for Passengers of Alberta's selected family, you'll want to keep them on your boat and pick up Lost Passengers from that family whenever possible.

Tip: Keep an eye on the other players! If they make it to an Outpost before you, you may be able to deduce some information by seeing which Passengers they protect and pick up in the jungle.

End of the Game

Grateful passengers reward speedy skippers with Tips upon their arrival at Headquarters. Once the Tips have been snapped up, Alberta Falls will announce the temporary caretakers of the company without further delay. The first skippers who arrive at Headquarters enjoy the most generous Tips.

When you land on Headquarters, take the highest valued Tip available. Once you are at Headquarters, you are finished moving your boat. On future turns, you will take another Tip token instead.

Not wanting to miss out on Tips or Alberta's announcements, the skippers pick up the pace. When the last Tip is taken, the game ends immediately.

Any boats that have not arrived at Headquarters are moved directly there-no Navigation cards are encountered, and no additional Cargo or Passengers may be picked up.

Flip over the Clue token at Headquarters to reveal the family Alberta Falls has chosen as the caretakers!

The game is over and players count their scores.


Each skipper adds up their score for the Passengers and Cargo on their boat, as well as the Tips they earned:

  • Each Caretaker is worth 5 points. Caretakers are Passengers in the family that Alberta chose. Some Passengers are related by marriage to multiple families. As long as they are related to the Caretakers, they are still worth 5 points.
  • Each other Passenger is worth 3 points.
  • Each set of three different types of Cargo is worth 10 points.
  • Each set of two different types of Cargo is worth 4 points.
  • Each Cargo that is not part of a set is worth 1 point.
  • Each Tip is worth the points shown on it-between 1 and 3 points.

The player with the highest score is the winner.

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