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Do we really have free will? Are we controlled by what we hear and what we see, even when we think we decide freely?

Talk to the other players and try to find the right answers or find the insider who manipulates the discussion, and they will do everything possible to hide their identity while cheating others. This game will have a round with the phases described below.

Will commons be able to identify the insider and win the game?


  • 42 Theme Cards
  • 8 Role cards
  • Sand Timer
  • Instructions


  • Collect as many role tiles as there are players. It is very important that judge and insider tiles are always available. Return the remaining citizen tiles to the box.

  • Under all the thematic cards and form a deck with them.

Phase 1: Distribution of Roles

Mix the role tiles and give one to each player. The player who is the judge shows his role to the other players. Other players keep their role hidden

Phase 2: Determine Theme

The judge should perform and say the following:

#Everyone close their eyes.

  • Reveal the top card of the deck. The theme of the round will be indicated by the number on the back of the card that is above the deck.

    If you do not know the word you must choose another. Variant: The judge simply writes a concept on paper.

  • Now I will close my eyes.

  • Insider, open your eyes. The Insiderverifies what the theme is.

  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 .... Insider,close your eyes.

  • I will open my eyes. Replace the thematic card on the deck and place your guide tile on the card.

  • All open your eyes.

Sample Cards

Phase 3: Questions and Answers

  • The judge turns the hourglass.

  • commons and the insider begin to ask questions whose answer is "yes", "no", or "I don't know".

  • The insider can ask questions trying to guide the players but without being obvious.

  • The phase ends when a player asks the correct question Is it X thing? Remember who asked the final question.

  • There is no question limit, but all must be done within the time indicated by the hourglass.

  • If time runs out and nobody is right, then everyone loses.

Phase 4: Discuss

The judge turns the hourglass (with all his time).

The players talk trying to find out who is the insider (John's question was not very sudden? Why did you ask that question? Etc).

You can stop this phase before time runs out if you wish.

Phase 5: Judging Who Agreed

Players should raise their hands if they believe that the player who succeeded in the subject is the insider. The judge also votes.

That player reveals his role.

Raised hands are the majority?YesNo
Was it the infiltrate?The judge and commons winThe infiltrate wins
Was a citizenThe insider winsTo vote

Phase 6: Vote

  • All players, including who was right on the subject, point at the same time to who they think is the insider.

  • If there is a tie between two players, the player who discovered the theme decides who has the majority.

The player with the most votes is the infiltrator?

  • Yes, then the judge and commons win
  • No, then the infiltrate wins

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