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The following variants may be used individually or in combination.

Variant: Without investor card

This variation results in fewer changes in the control of governments.

Remove the investor card from game. Instead of using the investor card, each player can invest in a nation immediately after that nation takes its turn.

For example:

After China takes its turn, its owner can invest in China. Then all the other players can invest in China, starting with the player to the left of the owner of China and continuing clockwise around the table. After that India takes its turn.

In addition to this procedure, players owning a Swiss Bank can invest once in any nation they wish.

On the rondel space Investor, only the interests are paid. Passing through that space no longer has any special consequence.

If no bonds were chosen for a nation at the beginning of the game, bonds can be chosen for this nation directly after the previous nation's turn. The player controlling the government of the previous nation is the first to invest.

Variant: Bonus only for tax increases

This variant is like the rules of "Imperial". Players only receive a success bonus if they happen to increase the tax revenue of the nation they are controlling.

The current tax revenue is recorded with the third octagonal game stone on the middle line of the tax chart. For every field that this marker moves to the right, the government (player) receives a bonus of 1 million from the national treasury.

On the other hand, if the tax decreases and the marker moves to the left, the player does not have to pay anything.


In the situation shown above, the tax revenue of China increases to 12 million. The yellow marker therefore moves 4 fields to the right, landing on the "3" beneath the "12". The player controlling the Chinese government receives a bonus of 4 million out of the Chinese treasury.

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