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In Danish "HUSKER DU?" means "Do you remember?".


  • 1 Picture Wheel
  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Fastener
  • 36 Playing Pieces
  • Instructions


Place all 36 playing pieces into the 36 openings on the game board covering all the pictures.

Turn the wheel clockwise so the arrows on the game board line up with the next line on the wheel.

Game Play

The youngest player goes first and randomly removes two playing pieces from the game board.

If the uncovered pictures match, the player keeps the two playing pieces and continues by removing additional playing pieces, two at a time, until he/she fails to uncover two matching pictures.

If the uncovered pictures do not match, the player replaces the playing pieces and play passes to the next player.

End of the Game

The procedure is repeated until all pairs of pictures have been uncovered. The player with the most playing pieces wins the game.

To Start a New Game

Cover all the openings and turn the wheel, clockwise, to the next line.

There are 18 different positions of the wheel; therefore, memorizing the board is virtually impossible.

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